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This online service allows you to order material in advance of your visit to Library and Archives Canada (LAC). You may order a maximum of ten items (i.e.: books, boxes of archival documents, video-tapes, etc.) and you must submit your request at least five working days prior to your visit.

You must:

  • Provide your user card number. If you do not have one, complete the online User Card Registration Form. You will receive your user card number by email within two working days.
  • Provide an email address and a phone or fax number where you can be reached from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday to Friday. We will contact you if the documents you are ordering are not available or the archival or bibliographical references are incomplete.
  • Provide the archival references (see Examples of archival references) or the bibliographical references (Amicus number, title and author). If you cannot find the information you need, ask us a question.

As part of the 100th anniversary commemoration of the First World War, LAC is digitizing the remaining 640,000 Canadian Expeditionary Force membersí personnel service files. To be able to perform this major undertaking, LAC will temporarily close portions of the CEF service files, with 75% of the collection remaining open at all times during the project. At the end of the digitization project, expected in 2015, Canadians will have unprecedented online access to this rich resource and will be able to research high-quality digital copies of the more than 650,000 service files for free. At that point, LAC will no longer take orders for copies. For more information on this initiative, please consult the Fact Sheet: Digitization of Canadian Expeditionary Force Service Files, which will provide updates on the portion of the collection being worked on. Add about 75% available at all times.


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If you cannot use the on-line service, you can transmit your request by fax, or by mail. You can also submit your request by telephone or TTY to order a maximum of five published documents (books, newspapers, magazines, etc.) from our collection.