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Preservation Restrictions

Preservation Restrictions for Published Material -- More Details

In order to preserve Canada's literary and musical heritage, a Preservation Collection of Canadiana was created in 1988. It comprises original copies of all Canadian published materials held by Library and Archives Canada (LAC). This collection will be preserved for as long as practically possible through restricted access and the use of appropriate preservation measures such as deacidification and separate housing under special environmental conditions. The Collection contributes to the strengthening of LAC's role in preserving the published heritage of the nation for the benefit of all Canadians and is an extension of setting aside, for preservation, one of the two copies of materials received from Canadian publishers under legal deposit requirements.

The Preservation Collection of Canadiana is a restricted use collection. Preservation copies are not available for interlibrary loans nor for photocopying. A preservation copy may only be consulted if the circulation copy or microform edition is not available, or if staff receive a special request. In all cases, the following directives must be followed:

  • any document from the Preservation Collection of Canadiana will be consulted in a designated area of one of the Consultation Rooms;
  • a member of LAC's staff will hand the requested document directly to the client;
  • all documents must be returned to the Circulation Desk before 4:30 p.m.;
  • all documents must be kept in their dust jackets;
  • the documents must be handled with great care at all times;
  • the documents must not be left on a table if the client leaves the Consultation Room.