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Form 30, 1919-1924 (Border Entries)

Immigration Form 30, Border Entries, 1919-1924 (RG 76 C5b): List of Microfilm Reel Numbers

These microfilm reels have been digitized and are now available ARCHIVED - online.

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Microfilm Surnames

- A -

T-15249 Aadland, Alf to Altin, Carl
Surname groupings interfiled: Aadland, Aa, Ab, Abbott, Ab-Abel-Abell, Ab-Abernethy , Abercrombie, Ab-Abrahams-Abrahamson, Abraham, Ab-Abrams, Ac, Ac-Ackerman, Ad, Adair, Adam, Adams, Ad-Adcock-Addison, Adamson, Ad-Adkins, Ad-Adler, Ad, Ae-Af, Ag, Ah-Ahearn, Ah, Ai, Ai-Ak, Aitken, Al, Al-Albert, Al-Albrecht-Albright, Al-Alcock, Al-Aldrich, Alexander, Al, Allan, Allard, Allen, Al, Allison, Al, Almquist, Al, Altin
T-15250 Allen, Eltran C. to Anderson, Margaret B.
Surname groupings interfiled: Allen, Al, Al-Allred, Allison, Al, Almquist, Al, Al-Altman, Al, Am, Ambrose, Am, Ames, Am, Am-Amos, Amundson, An, Anderson
T-15251 Anderson, M. to Ashworth, Arthur
Surname groupings interfiled: Anderson, An, Andrews, An, An-Angers, Angelo-Angelopoulos, An, Angus, An, Ansell, An, Ap, Ap-Apple, Appleby, Appleton, Ar, Archambault, Archer, Ar, Archibald, Ar, Armitage, Armstrong, Ar, Arnold, Ar, Aronson, Ar, Arseneault-Arsenault-Arsnault, Ar, Arthur, As, Ash-As, Ashworth
T-15252 Ashworth, Arthur to Baker, N. A.
Surname groupings interfiled: Ashworth, As-Ashley, Ashton, As, As-Asselin, At, At-Atkins, Atherton, Atkinson, At, Au, Au-Audet-Audette, Au, Auger, Au, Austin, Au, Av, Avery, Aw-Ax, Ay-Ayer-Ayers, Ay-Ayotte, Azzopardi, Ba, Babcock, Ba, Bachelor, Ba, Bacon, Ba, Baillie, Bailey, Ba, Bain, Ba, Baird, Baker

- B -

T-15253 Baker, N. A. to Barrette, Siméon
Surname groupings interfiled: Baker, Ba, Baldwin, Ba, Ball, Ba-Ballard, Ballantyne, Ba, Ba-Banfield, Ba, Banks, Ba-Banning, Bannister, Ba, Barabe, Barber, Barbour, Ba, Barclay, Ba-Bard-Bardwell, Ba-Barkley-Barger, Barker, Ba, Barlow, Ba-Barnard, Barnes, Barney, Ba-Barnett-Barnet, Ba-Barnhart, Ba-Barquist, Baron, Ba, Barr, Barrett-Barrette, Barrette
T-15254 Barrett, Thomas to Becker, Buddy
Surname groupings interfiled: Barrett, Ba, Barrington, Barron, Ba-Barrow-Barrowcliff, Ba-Barry, Ba, Barta, Ba-Bartholomew, Bartlett, Ba, Barton, Ba, Ba-Bass, Ba-Bassett, Ba, Bate, Bateman, Bates, Ba, Bauer, Ba-Baugh, Bauman-Baumann, Ba, Baxandall, Baxter, Ba-Bayer, Ba-Bayne-Bazinet, Be, Beach, Be-Beal-Beals, Be-Bean, Bear, Beard, Be, Beaton, Beattie, Beatty, Be-Beauchamp-Beaudet, Beauchemin, Beauchêne,Beauchesne, Beaudoin, Beaudreau, Beaudry, Beaulac, Beaulieu, Beaumont, Beaupré, Beauregard, Be, Beck, Becker
T-15255 Becker, Carl William Gustav to Bentley, Bessie
Surname groupings interfiled: Becker, Be-Beckett, Be-Beckman, Be-Bedford, Bédard, Be-Beebe, Be-Beeler-Beeman, Be-Beers-Befus,, Be-Bégin, Begg-Beggs, Be-Behrmann-Behrendt, Be-Beighle, Be, Be-Béland, Bélanger, Be-Bélisle-Béliveau, Bell, Be-Bellamy, Bellefeuille, Be-Bellinger, Bellows, Be, Be-Benard, Be-Bender, Be, Bénédict, Be, Benjamin, Be-Benner, Bennett, Be-Benning, Benoit, Benson, Bentley
T-15256 Bent, Caroline to Birbynick, Metro
Surname groupings interfiled: Bent, Be-Bent-Bentley, Be-Benton, Be, Bérard, Be-Bergan-Berge, Berg, Bergen, Berger, Be-Bergeson, Bergeron, Be, Bergman, Be, Be-Berckowitz, Be, Be-Berman, Be-Bernath, Bernard, Be-Berndt, Bernier, Be, Bernstein, Berry-Berryman, Be, Be-Bertram, Bertrand, Bérubé, Be-Bessonette, Bessette, Be-Best Be, Bethel, Betts, Be, Be-Beyer, Bi-Bibeau, Bi, Bi-Bidner, Bi-Bienvenu, Bi-Biffert, Bi-Bigelow, Bi, Biggs, Bi-Billard, Bi-Billings, Bilodeau, Bi, Bi-Binns, Bingham, Bi, Birbynick
T-15257 Birdsall, Nellie to Blanton, Ester
Surname groupings interfiled: Birdsall, Bi, Birch, Bird, Bi, Bi-Biron, Bi, Bishop, Bi-Bisson-Bissonnette, Bi, Bi-Bj, Bjornson, Bl-Blackford, Black, Bl-Blackburn, Bl-Blackmore-Blackman, Bl-Blackwood, Bl-Blain-Blaine-Blair, Blais, Blake, Bl, Bl-Bland-Blaney, Blanchard, Blachett-Blanchette, Bl, Blanton
T-15258 Bishop, A to Bolstad, Bjarne
Surname groupings interfiled: Bishop, Bi-Bisson-Bissonnette, Bi, Bi-Bj, Bjornson, Bl-Blackford, Black, Bl-Blackburn, Bl-Blackmore-Blackman, Bl-Blackwood, Bl-Blain-Blaine-Blair, Blais, Blake, Bl, Bl-Bland-Blaney, Blanchard, Blanchett-Blanchette, Bl-Blankenship, Bl, Bl-Blight, Bl-Bliss, Bl-Bloch-Block, Bl-Blondin, Blood, Bloom, Bl-Blouin, Bl-Blue, Blyth-Blythe, Bo, Bo-Boe, Bo, Bo-Bogart, Bo-Boggs, Bo, Boisvert, Bo-Boland-Boldt, Bolduc, Bo-Bolig-Bolinger, Bo-Bollar, Bo, Bolstad
T-15259 Bolt, C. to Bowman, Athel
Surname groupings interfiled: Bolt, Bo, Bolton, Bo, Bond, Bo-Bonham-Bonin, Bo-Bonneau-Bonnell-Bonner, Bo, Boone, Booth, Bo, Bo-Bosley-Bosner, Bo-Bost, Bo-Bostwick-Bosworth, Bo-Bott, Bo, Bouchard, Boucher, Boudreau, Bo, Boulanger, Boulay, Bourassa, Bo-Bouthillier-Boutin, Bourne, Bourque, Bo-Bowe, Bowden, Bowen, Bo-Bower, Bowers, Bo-Bowes-Bowie, Bowler, Bowman
T-15260 Bowman, Carl to Breandler, Carl
Surname groupings interfiled: Bowman, Bo-Boyce, Boyd, Bo-Boyer, Boyle, Bo, Boynton, Br, Br-Bradford, Bradbury, Bradley, Bradshaw, Brady, Br-Bragg, Br-Brake, Br-Branch-Brand, Br-Brandon, Br-Brandt, Br-Brant, Br-Brassard-Bratton, Br-Brault-Braun, Br-Brayson-Brawn, Bray, Br, Breandler
T-15261 Brawdy, Thelma to Brown, Lynn
Surname groupings interfiled: Brawdy, Br-Brawn, Bray, Br-Breault, Br-Breen, Br, Br-Bremner-Brenay, Br-Brenna, Brennan, Br-Brenner-Brent, Br-Breton, Br-Brewer, Br-Brezden, Brewster, Br-Briand-Bricker, Br-Bridges, Bridge, Brierley, Br, Briggs, Br-Bright, Br-Brill, Br-Brink, Br-Brisson-Bristol, Br-Britt-Britz, Br-Broad, Br, Brock, Br-Broderick-Brodeur, Br-Brodie, Br-Brogan, Br, Br-Brooke, Brooks, Br-Brosh-Broome, Br, Br-Brouillette, Brouillard, Brousseau, Brown
T-15262 Brown, Mary to Burley, Fred
Surname groupings interfiled: Brown, Br-Brownell-Browney, Br, Browning, Brownlee, Br-Brubaker-Bruck, Bruce, Br, Br-Bruneau-Brunette, Br-Brunner, Br, Br-Bryans, Bryan, Bryant, Br, Bryce, Bryson, Bu, Buchan, Buchanan, Bu-Buchholtz, Buck, Bu, Buckingham, Bu-Buckland-Buckles, Buckley, Bu-Buckmeyer, Bu-Budd, Bu-Buell, Bu-Buffett, Bu-Bugden, Bu, Bull, Bu, Bu-Buck, Bu-Bundy-Bunker, Bu-Bunnell, Bu-Burch, Bu-Burden-Burdick, Bu-Burg-Burger, Bu, Burgess, Bu, Burk-Burke, Bu, Bu-Burleigh-Burley, Burley
 T-15263 Burkman, Harold to Cabot, William
Surname groupings interfiled: Burkman, Bu-Burleigh-Burley, Bu, Burn, Burnfield, Burnett-Burnette, Bu-Burnham, Bu-Burnside-Burpee, Burns, Bu-Burrell, Bu-Burroughs, Burrows, Bu-Burt, Burton, Bu-Busch, Bush, Bu, Butcher, Butler, Bu-Butt, Bu-Button, Bu-Buxton, By, Byers, Byrne, Byrnes, Ca, Cabot

- C -

T-15264 Caddens, Ann J. K. to Carns, John W.
Surname groupings interfiled: Caddens, Ca, Ca-Caffrey, Ca-Cahill, Ca-Cain-Caine, Ca, Calder, Calderwood, Caldwell, Ca-Calhoun, Ca-Calkins-Callaghan, Ca-Callahan, Ca-Callaway, Ca, Cameron, Ca-Camire-Camp, Campbell, Ca-Campeau, Ca, Ca-Cann-Canning-Canon, Ca, Ca-Card, Carey, Ca-Carl-Carleton-Carley, Ca-Carlin-Carlisle, Carlson, Carlton, Ca-Carman, Carmichael, Ca-Carnegie-Carney, Ca-Caron, Carns
T-15265 Carollo, Joe to Champlin, Edna S.
Surname groupings interfiled: Carollo, Ca-Caron, Carpenter, Carr, Ca-Carrier, Carroll, Ca, Carson, Ca, Carter, Ca-Cartier-Caruso, Ca-Carver, Ca-Case, Casey, Ca, Caspar-Casper, Ca-Cass, Cassidy, Ca-Castle, Ca-Castonguay, Ca, Ca-Cavanaugh, Ca-Cave-Cayer, Ce, Ch-Chabot-Chagnon, Chadwick, Ch, Chalmers, Ch-Chamberland-Chamberlin, Chamberlain, Chambers, Ch-Champagne, Champlin
T-15266 Champagne, Frank to Clark, Lyle
Surname groupings interfiled: Champagne, Ch-Champagne, Ch-Chandler, Ch-Chapdelaine, Chapman, Ch-Charbonneau-Charest, Chard, Ch-Charlton-Charron, Ch-Chase, Ch, Ch-Cheney, Ch-Cherry, Ch, Ch-Childs, Ch, Chisholm, Ch-Choquette-Chouinard, Ch, Christensen, Christian, Ch-Christiansen-Christianson, Christie, Ch-Christopher-Christopherson-Christy, Christoff, Ch-Church, Churchill, Ci, Cl, Cl-Clancey, Cl-Claridge, Clark
T-15267 Clark, Margaret May to Coleman, Lyman
Surname groupings interfiled: Clark, Clarke, Cl-Clary-Class, Clarkson, Cl-Claus-Clausen-Clauson, Cl-Clay, Clayton, Cl-Cleary, Cl-Clelland-Clemonds, Clegg, Cl-Clément, Cléments, Cl-Cleveland, Cl, Cliff, Clifford, Cl-Cline, Cl, Cl-Clough-Clow, Cloutier, Cl, Co, Coates, Co, Cobb, Coburn, Co-Cochran, Cochrane, Co-Cody, Co-Coffey-Coffield-Coffin, Co, Cohen, Co, Colby, Cole, Coleman
T-15268 Coleman, Mabel to Cornelson, A. B.
Surname groupings interfiled: Coleman, Co-Coles, Co, Collie, Collier, Collins, Co-Collinson-Collison, Co, Co-Colvin, Co-Combs, Co-Comeau, Co, Co-Comstock-Comtois, Compton, Co, Co-Conklin, Co-Conley, Conell, Co-Conn-Conley, Conell, Connelly, Co-Conner, Connolly, Connor, Connors, Conrad, Conroy, Co-Constantine, Co-Contois, Conway, Co-Conwell, Cook-Cooke, Co-Cooke-Cooksey, Coockson, Co-Coolen-Cooley, Co-Coon-Coombs, Cooper, Cope, Co, Copeland, Co-Corbett, Co-Corbin, Co, Cormier, Cornelius, Cornell, Co, Cornelson
T-15269 Cornish, Dora M. to Crew, Gertrude
Surname groupings interfiled: Cornish, Co-Cornish, Co-Corriveau, Co, Co-Costello, Co, Cote, Co-Cottingham-Cotton-Cottrell, Co-Couch, Co-Coulombe-Coulter, Co, Co-Cousineau-Coutu, Couture, Co-Covey, Co, Cowan, Co-Cowell-Cowie, Co-Cowles, Co, Cox, Co-Coyne, Coyle, Cr-Crabb-Craft, Cr-Crain, Craig, Cram-Cramer, Cr-Crandall-Crandell, Crane, Cr, Crawford, Cr, Creighton, Cr, Crew
T-15270 Crews, George to Dale, Anna
Surname groupings interfiled: Crews, Cr-Crewe, Cr-Cricks-Cripps, Crichton, Cr, Cr-Crocker, Cr-Croft, Cr-Cromwell, Cr-Cronin, Cr-Crook-Crooks, Cr, Crosby, Cr-Cross, Cr, Croteau, Cr-Crouch-Crowder, Cr-Crowe-Crowell, Crowley, Cr, Cruickshank, Cr, Cu, Cu-Cull-Cullen, Cu, Cu-Cumming, Cummings, Cu, Cunningham, Cu, Curran, Cu-Currin, Currie, Cu-Curry-Curtin, Curtis, Cu, Cu-Cutler, Cu-Cyr, Da, Da-Dahl, Da-Daigle, Dailey, Da-Daley, Dale

- D -

T-15271 Dale, Arnold to Dean, Winnie
Surname groupings interfiled: Dale, Da-Dall, Da-Dalton, Da-Daly, Da, Daniel, Daniels, Da-Danielson, Da, Da-Darby-Darcy, Da-Darling-Darnell, Da-Dasher, Da-Dau, Da-Daugharty-Dauteuil, Da-Davenport, Davenport, Davey, David, Davidson, Da-Davie, Davies, Davis, Davison, Davy, Da-Dawe, Dawson, Day, Da, De-Deal-Deacon, Dean
T-15272 Dean, Charles H. to Davine, Kenneth
Surname groupings interfiled: Dean, Deane, Deans, De, De B, De, Decker, De, De-Deeks-Dees, De, De G, De, De L, Delaney, De L, De-Delisle, De, De-Demens, De M, De-Dempsey, De, Dennis, De-Denton, De, De-Desjardins, De-Desrochers-Desrosiers, De, De-Deveau, De-Devine, Devine
T-15273 DeVincenza, Lucia to Doody, K.
Surname groupings interfiled: DeVincenza, De-Devine, De, Devlin, De-Dewey, De-Dewitt-DeWolf, De-Dexter-Dhontd, Di-Diamant-Diamond, Di, Dick, Di-Dickenson-Dickey, Dickinson, Di, Dickson, Di, Di-Dietz, Di, Di-Dill, Dillon, Di, Di-Dion-Dionne-Diotte, Di-Di P-Dirkser-Di S, Di, Di-Dix, Dixon, Do-Dobbins-Dobbs, Do, Dobson, Do, Dodd, Do-Dodge-Dodson, Do-Doerr, Do, Doherty, Dolan, Do-Dole, Do-Doll, Do, Do-Donahue, Do, Donald, Donaldson, Do, Donnelly, Do-Donohue, Donovan, Do, Doody
T-15274 Dooley, Laura to Duners, Laurence
Surname groupings interfiled: Dooley, Do-Dooley, Do, Do-Doran-Dorey, Do-Dorion, Do-Dorman-Dorn, Do-Dorsey, Do, Do-Doucet-Doucette, Do-Dougherty, Douglas, Do-Douglass, Do-Dow-Dowd, Do-Dowell, Do-Downer-Downey, Downie-Downing, Do-Downs-Doyon, Doyle, Dr, Drake, Dr-Drapeau, Draper, Dr-Dredge, Dr-Dresser, Drew-Drewes, Dr, Dr-Driscoll, Dr-Drouin, Dr, Drummond, Dr-Drury, Du-Dubey, Dubé, Dubeau, Du, Dubois, Du-Ducharme, Du, Duffy, Du, Du-Duhamel-Duke, Du, Du-Dumais-Dumas-Dumont, Duners
T-15275 Dumais, Mary to Edwards, Richard M.
Surname groupings interfiled: Dumais, Du-Dumais-Dumas-Dumont, Dunbar, Duncan, Du-Dundas-Dunham-Dunford, Du-Dunlap-Dunlop, Dunn, Du, Du-Dunsmore, Du-Dupont-Dupuis, Du-Durand, Du-Durham-Durkee, Du-Durocher, Du-Dussault-Dusseault, Du, Du-Duval-Duvall, Du, Dwyer, Dy-Dyck-Dyer, Dy-Dz, Ea-Eade-Eads-Eagan, Eadie, Ea-Eakes, Ea-Earles, Earl-Earle, Ea-Earley-Earls-Early, Ea-Easter, Ea-Easton, Eastman, Eastwood, Ea, Eaton, Eb, Eb-Ebart, Ec-Eccles, Ec-Ecker, Ec, Ed-Eddy, Ed-Edgar, Ed, Edmonds-Edmondson, Edmunds-Edmunston, Edwards

- E -

T-15276 Edwards, Robert to Evanger, Nels
Surname groupings interfiled: Edwards, Ee-Ef, Eg-Egan, Eg, Eg-Eggert, Eh, Ei, Ek-Eklund, El, Elder, El, Eldridge, El, El-Elford, El-Elias, El-Elkins, El-Ellington, Elliott, Ellis, El-Ellison, El, El-Elson, El-Elwell, Em-Emery, Emerson, Em-Emond, Em, En, En-Endicott, En-Engel, En-Engen, En-England, En-Egstrom, English, En, En-Eo-Ep, Epstein, Er, Ericson, Erickson, Er-Erikson-Erlandson, Er-Ernst, Er, Erskine, Es-Esgate, Es, Essex, Es-Estes, Et, Ev, Evanger
T-15277 Evano, Pauline to Ferguson, Ward
Surname groupings interfiled: Evano, Ev, Evans, Ev-Evenson, Ev-Everett, Ev-Everson-Everton, Ew, Ewen, Ewing, Ex-Ey-Ez, Fa, Fa-Fagan, Fa, Fa-Fairbanks, Fairbank, Fa-Fairchild, Fairley, Fa-Falk, Falconer, Fa, Fa-Farland-Farley, Fa-Farnham, Farmer, Fa, Farr, Farrell, Fa-Farrow, Farrington, Fa, Faulkner, Fa-Faust-Fawcett, Fa-Fay, Fe, Fe-Feldman, Fe-Fell-Feller, Fellow-Fellows, Fe, Fe-Ferland, Fenton, Fera, Ferguson

- F -

T-15278 Ferguson, Wesley to Fontaine, Eva
Surname groupings interfiled: Ferguson, Fe, Ferrari, Ferris, Fe, Fi, Fi-Fiedler, Field, Fi-Fields, Fielding, Fi-Fifield, Fi-Fillion, Fi, Finch, Findlay-Findley, Fi, Fi-Fink, Finkenhagen-Finkelstein, Finlay-Finlayson-Finley, Fi-Finn-Finnegan, Fi, Firth, Fischer, Fi-Fish, Fisher, Fi-Fisk, Fi-Fitch, Fitzgerald, Fi, Fitzpatrick, Fi-Fitzsimmons, Fl, Flanagan, Fl-Flanders-Flannery-Flannigan, Fl, Fleming-Flemming, Fl-Fletcher, Fl, Fl-Flock-Flood, Fl, Flynn, Fo, Foley, Fo-Follett, Fo-Fontaine, Fontaine
T-15279 Fontaine, Flora to Frazier, J. H.
Surname groupings interfiled: Fontaine, Fo-Fontaine, Fo-Foote, Fo-Forbes, Ford, Fo-Fore-Foreman-Forest, Fo-Forget, Fo-Forrest-Forsberg, Fo-Forter-Forsythe, Fo-Fortier-Fortin, Fo-Foss, Foster, Fo-Fournier, Fo-Fowler, Fo-Fox, Fr, Francis, Frank, Fr-Franke-Frankle, Franklin, Fr-Franks-Frantz, Fr-Frasier, Fraser, Fr-Frazier, Frazier
T-15280 Frazur, Jean to Gallagher, William
Surname groupings interfiled: Frazur, Fr-Frazier, Fr-Fréchette-Frederick, Fr-Fredette-Frederickson, Fr-Freed-Freedman, Freeman, Fr, French, Fr, Fr-Frey, Fr-Frick, Fr-Fried, Friedman, Friel-Friend, Fr, Fr-Fritz, Fr, Frost, Fr, Fr-Fry-Frye, Fu-Fudge, Fu, Fuller, Fulton, Fu-Funk, Fu, Ga-Gabriel-Gabrielson, Ga, Ga-Gage, Gagné, Ga-Gagnon, Ga-Gain-Gaines, Ga-Gale, Galbraith, Ga, Gallagher

- G -

T-15281 Gallan, Andrew to German, Isabel
Surname groupings interfiled: Gallan, Ga-Gallant, Ga-Galloway, Ga-Galt-Galvin, Ga-Gamache, Gamble, Ga, Gardiner, Gardner, Ga, Ga-Garland, Garner, Ga-Garrett, Ga-Garrison, Ga, Ga-Garvey-Garvin, Ga, Ga-Gates, Ga, Ga-Gaudet-Gaudreau-Gauthier, Ga-Gavin, Ga-Gay, Ge-Geary, Ge-Gehrke, Ge-Geiger, Ge, Ge-Gélinas, Ge, Ge-Gendreau-Gendron, Ge, Ge-Geoffray, George, Ge-Gerber, Ge-Gerke, Ge,Ge-Germaine-German, German
T-15282 Germain, Jos. Arthur to Godbout, Gervais P.
Surname groupings interfiled: Germain, Ge-Germaine-German, Ge, Ge-Gervais, Ge-Getchell, Ge-Gh, Gi, Gibb, Gibbon, Gibbons, Gibbs, Gibson, Gi, Gi-Gignac, Gilbert, Gi, Giles, Gill, Gi-Gillard, Gi-Gilles, Gillespie, Gi-Gillett, Gi-Gillis, Gi-Gilmore, Gilmour, Gi-Gingras, Gi, Gi-Girard-Giroux, Gh-Gi-Gj, Gl-Gladstone, Gl, Gl-Glass, Gl-Gleason-Gledhill, Gl-Glen-Glendenning-Gleeson, Gl-Glenn, Gl-Glick, Gl, Gl, Glover, Gl-Gm-Gn, Go-Gobeil-Godbout, Godbout
T-15283 Gobeille, Henry to Graner, Otis
Surname groupings interfiled: Gobeille, Go-Godbout, Goddard, Go-Godin, Godfrey, Godwin, Go-Goer-Goebel, Go-Goetz, Go, Go-Gold, Goldberg, Go-Golden-Goldenberg, Go-Golding, Goldman, Go, Goldsmith, Goldstein, Go, Go-Good, Goodall, Go, Go-Goodman, Go-Goodrich-Goodson, Goodwin, Go, Go-Goodyear, Gordon, Go, Gorman, Go, Go-Gosselin, Go, Go-Goudreau-Gough, Gould, Go-Goulet-Goyette, Gow, Gr, Gr-Grace, Gr-Grady, Gr-Graf-Graff, Graham, Gr-Graine-Grainger, Gr-Grammer-Grams, Gr-Grandy, Gr, Graner
T-15284 Granum, Ohara to Grussey, F. J.
Surname groupings interfiled: Granum, Gr, Grant, Gr, Gr-Gravel, Graves, Gray, Gr-Greaves, Gr-Greeley, Green, Gr, Greenberg, Greene, Gr-Greening-Greenfield, Gr, Greenwood, Gr-Grégoire, Gregory, Gr-Grenier, Gr-Grey, Gr, Griffin, Griffith, Griffiths, Gr-Griggs, Gr-Grimes-Grimm, Gr, Gross, Gr, Grossman, Gr, Gr-Gover-Groves, Gr-Grubb-Grube-Gruber, Gr, Grussey
T-15285 Grussing, Fred to Hallett, William
Surname groupings interfiled: Grussing, Gr, Gu-Guay, Gu, Gu-Guerrette-Guest, Gu-Gilbault-Guillemette, Gu, Gu-Gunderson, Gu-Gunn-Gunning, Gu-Gunter, Gu-Gurr-Gurney, u-Gustafson, Gu-Gutenberg, Guthrie, Gu, Gu-Gw-Gy, Ha-Haack-Haag-Haake, a-Haas-Haase, Ha, Ha-Hackman, Hackett, Ha-Haddock-Hadley, Haddad, Ha-Haertl, a-Hafner-Haffey, Ha-Hagan-Hagel, Hagen, Ha-Hagg-Haggertty, Hahn, Ha-Haigh-Haight, Ha-Haines, Ha-Halbert, Hale, Ha-Haley, Hall, Ha, Ha-Halladay, a-Haller, Hallett

- H -

T-15286 Hallground, Walter C. to Harper, Blake
Surname groupings interfiled: Hallground, Ha-Hallman, Halliday, Ha-Halloran, Ha, Ha-Halverson-Halvorson, Ha-Ham-Hambly, Ha-Hamel, Hamilton, Ha-Hamlin-Hamm, Ha-Hammer-Hammersley, Hammond, Ha-Hampson-Hampton, Ha-Hancock, Ha-Hand, Ha-Handley, a-Haney, Ha-Hankins-Hanks, Ha, Ha-Hann-Hannah, Ha-Hanner-Hannon, Ha, Hansen, Hnson, a-Hanton, Ha, Ha-Harden-Harder, Harding, Hardwick, Hardy, Ha-Hare-Hargreaves, a-Harker-Harkness, Ha-Harley, Ha-Harmon, Ha, Ha-Harp-Harpold, Harper
T-15287 Harper, Chas. to Haynes, Stanley
Surname groupings interfiled: Harper, Ha, Harrington, Harris, Harrison, Ha-Harrock-Harsh, Hart, Ha-Hartell-Hartford, Ha-Hartley, Ha-Hartnett, Ha-Hartman-Hartmann, Ha, Ha-Hartwell, a-Harwood, Harvey, Ha, Ha-Haskell-Haskin Ha, Hastings, Ha-Hatch-Hatcher-Hatfield, a-Hatt-Hathaway, Ha-Hauge-Haugen, Ha-Haun, Ha, Ha-Haven, Ha-Hawken-Hawkes, Hawkins, Ha-Hawley, Ha-Hay, Hayes, Ha-Haynes, Haynes
T-15288 Haynes, Violet Sylvia to Herring, William Odus
Surname groupings interfiled: Haynes, Ha-Haynes, Ha-Hays-Haywood, Hayward, Ha-Hazel-Hazeltine, Ha-Head, Healey, Healy, Ha-Heaton, Heath, He-Hébert, He, Heck-Hecker-Heckman, Hedge-Hedger-Hedges, Hedlund-Hedstrom, He-Heffernan, He-Heibert, He, He-Heimark, He-Hein-Heine, He-Heinrich-Heins, He, Heissler, He, He-Heller, He-Helliwell, He-Helm-Helmer, He, He-Hemm-Hemming, He, Henderson, He-Hendricks-Hendrickson, He, He-Henley-Henner, Hennessey-Hennessy, He-Hennings, He-Henrickson-Henrikson, Henry, He-Henshaw-Henson, He-Heon-Hepburn, He-Herbert, He-Herd-Herder, He, He-Hermanson, Herman, He, He-Heroux, He-Herrick-Herring, Herring
T-15289 Herrod, Charles William to Hoehne, Clara
Surname groupings interfiled: Herrod, He-Herron, He, He-Herzog, He-Hess, He, He-Hetherington, He-Heuer, He-Hewson, Hewitt, He, He-Heywood, Hi-Hibbard, Hi-Hickey, Hi-Hickman, Hicks, Hi-Hiebert, Higgins, Higginson, Higgs, Hi-High-Highberg, Hi-Hildebrand, Hi-Hilgers, Hill, Hi-Hillard-Hiller, Hi-Hilliard-Hillier-Hillis, Hi-Hills-Hilson, Hi-Hilton, Hi-Hinds, Hi-Hines, Hi-Hinkle-Hinricks, Hi-Hinton-Hiotz, Hi-Hirsch, Hi-Hirschkorn, Hi-Hiscock, Hi-Hitchcook, Hi-Hj-Hl-Hn, Ho-Hoag-Hoban, Ho, Hobbs, Hobson, Ho-Hochman-Hocking, Ho-Hodge, Ho-Hodges-Hodgins, Hodgkins, Ho-Hodgson, Hodson, Ho, Hoehne
T-15290 Hoe, Emma to Housman, Zilpha
Surname groupings interfiled: Hoe, Ho-Hoehn, Ho, Ho-Hoey, Ho-Hofer-Hoff-Hoffer, Hoffman, Ho, Ho-Hogan, Ho-Hogue, Hogg, Ho-Hoiland, Ho-Holbrook, Ho-Holden, Ho-Hole-Holder, Ho-Hollan, Holland, Ho-Hollenbeck-Holley, Ho-Hollinger, Holliday, Ho-Holloway, Ho-Holm, Holmes, Ho, Ho-Holt, Ho, Ho-Homes, Ho-Honey, Ho-Hood, Ho-Hook-Hooker, Ho-Hooper, Ho-Hoover, Hope, Hopkins, Hopkinson, Ho-Hoppe, Ho, Ho-Horn, Ho-Horne, Horner, Ho-Horst, Horton, Ho-Horwood, Ho-Hoskins, Ho, Ho-Hotchkiss-Hotz, Ho-Houde-Houghton, Ho-Houle, Ho-House, Housman
T-15291 Houston, Adelaide to Hyatt, William George
Surname groupings interfiled: Houston, Ho-Houston-Hove-Howarth, Howard, Howe, Howell, Ho-Howes-Howland, Howie, Ho-Hoy-Hoyle, Hoyt, Hr, Hu-Hubbard, Hu-Hubert, Hu-Hubly-Huck, Hudson, Hu-Huff-Huffman, Hughes, Hughson, Hu, Hu-Hulan-Hulet, Hull, Hu-Hulme-Humble, Hu-Hume, Hu-Humphrey-Humphreys, Hu, Hunt, Hunter, Hu-Huot, Hu, Hurley, Hu-Hurst, Hu-Hussey, Hu-Hustins-Huston, Hu-Hutcheson, Hutcheson, Hutchings, Hutchins, Hutchinson, Hutchison, Hu-Hutton, Hu-Hy-Hyatt, Hyatt
T-15292 Hyde, Alice to Jenkinson, Robert Edwin
Surname groupings interfiled: Hyde, Hy-Hyland, Hy, Hy-Hynes, Ia-Ib-Ic, Id-Ie-Ig-Ih-Ij, Il-Iles, Im, In-Inch, In, In-Ingalls-Ingham-Ingle, Inglis, Ig-Ingraham-Inkpen, Ingram, In-Inman, Innes, In-Io, Ir-Ireland, Irvin-Irvine, Irving, Irwin Is-Isaac-Insaarson-Isaak, Is, It-Ites, Iv-Ives-Iverson, Ja-Jaber-Jackobson-Jackman, Jack, Jackson, Ja-Jacob, Jacobs, Ja-Jacobsen, Jacobson, Ja, Jacques, Ja-Jaeger-Jaegge, Ja-Jaffee, Ja-Jager-Jagger, James, Ja-Jameson, Jamiesen, Ja-Janes, Ja, Ja-Jansen, Ja, Ja-Jarrett-Jarvie, Jarvis, Ja, Je-Jean-Jeffers, Je-Jefferson-Jeffery, Je-Jeffries, Jeffrey, Je, Jenkins, Jenkinson

- J -

T-15293 Jenks, Alvah Owen to Johnson, Owdin
Surname groupings interfiled: Jenks, Je-Jenne-Jennen-Jenner, Jennings, Je-Jensen, Jenson, Je-Jérome, Je, Je-Jette-Jewell, Je-Jewett, Ji, Jo-Jobe, Jo-Johannsen-Johannson-Johanson-Johanssen-Johansson, Johansen, Jo-John, Johns, Johnson
T-15294 Johnson, Oscar to Kane, William C.
Surname groupings interfiled: Johnson, Johnston, Johnstone, Jo-Jolly, Jones, Jo-Jorgensen-Jorgenson, Jordan, Jo-Josephson, Joseph, Jo-Joslyn, Jo-Joy-Joyal-Joyce, Ju-Judd, Ju-Judkins-Judson, Ju-Julian-Julien, Ju-Jumper-Jund, Ju-Jurgensen, Ju-Jutras, Ka-Kaatz, Ka, Ka-Kage-Kahler, Ka, Ka-Kaiser, Ka, Ka-Kalyn, Ka-Kambick-Kaminski, Ka, Ka-Kane, Kane

- K -

T-15295 Kantarowitz, Abraham to Kershuer, Opal
Surname groupings interfiled: Kantarowitz, Ka, Ka-Kaplin, Ka, Ka-Karls-Karns, Ka, Ka-Kaspar, Ka-Kaster, Ka-Katz-Katzman, Ka, Ka-Kaufman-Kaufmann, Ka-Kavanaugh-Kavanagh, Ka-Kay-Kaye, Ke-Keane-Kearns, Ke-Kearney, Ke-Keat-Keating-Keats, Ke-Keefe, Ke-Keeler-Keeley, Ke-Keenan, Ke-Keene-Keeping, Ke-Kehoe, Ke-Keiller-Keillor, Ke-Keith, Ke-Kellar, Keller, Kelley, Ke-Kellogg-Kelloway, Kelly, Ke-Kelso-Kelsey, Ke-Kemmer, Kemp, Ke-Kemper-Kempton, Ke-Kendrick, Kendall, Ke, Kennedy, Ke-Kenner-Kennelly-Kenney, Ke-Kenny, Kent, Ke-Kenyon-Kenworthy, Ke, Ke-Keracher, Ke-Kern, Kerr, Ke-Kershaw, Kershuer
T-15296 Kershaw, Paul to Knudtzon, Joseph
Surname groupings interfiled: Kershaw, Ke-Kershaw, Ke-Kessler, Ke, Ke-Keyes, Ke-Keys-Kh-Khoury, Ki-Kidder, Kidd, Ki-Kiefer-Kieffer-Kiely, Ki, Ki-Kile, Ki, Kilpatrick, Ki-Kimball, Ki-Kimnett, Ki, King, Ki-Kingsley, Kingston, Ki-Kinear-Kinney, Ki-Kinsey-Kinsman, Ki-Kinzer-Kipps, Ki, Kirby, Ki-Kirch-Kirchner, Ki-Kirk, Ki-Kirkendall-Kirkland-Kirkwood, Kirkpatrick, Ki, Ki-Kiss, Ki-Kitchen-Kitt, Ki-Kj, Kl, Kl-Klassen, Kl-Kleeberger-Kleese, Klein, Kl-Kleinsasser, Kl, Kl-Kling, Kl, Kl-Klasse-Klotz, Kl-Klug-Km, Kn, Knapp, Kn, Knight, Kn-Knoll, Kn-Knopf-Knott, Kn-Knowlton, Knowles, Kn-Knox, Knudtzon
T-15297 Knud, K. Arneldi to Lachapelle, Eva
Surname groupings interfiled: Knud, Kn-Knox, Knudson-Knutson, Ko, Koch, Ko, Ko-Koehler, Ko-Koenig, Ko, Ko-Kohler, Ko, Ko-Kolb, Ko, Ko-Koontz, Ko, Ko-Kordisch, Ko, Ko-Kovac-Kovacs, Kr-Kraft, Kr, Kr-Kramer, Kr, Kr-Kraus-Krause, Kr-Krauss, Kr, Kr-Kreutzer, Kr, Kr-Krogh, Kr, Kr-Krueger, Kr-Kruse, Ku-Kuhn, Ku, Ku-Kunz-Kuntz, Ku-Kurtz, Ku-Kusler, Ku-Kv-Kw-Ky, La-Labonté-Labrie, La-Labarre, Labbe, Labelle, Labrecque, La-Lacasse-Lachapelle, Lachapelle

- L -

T-15298 Lacasse, Flagien to Lanouette, Arthur
Surname groupings interfiled: Lacasse, La-Lacasse-Lachapelle, Lacey, Lachance, La-Lacosse-Lackey, Lacroix, Lacy, La-Ladd, La-Lafond- interifled, Laflamme, Lafleur, Lafrance, Lafrenière, La, La-Laidlaw-Laine, Laing, Laird, Lajoie, La, Lake, La-Laliberté-Lamarche, Lalonde, Lamb, La, Lambert, La-Lamont-Lamoureux, Lamontagne, Lamothe, La, La-Lancaster-Lance-Land, La-Lander-Landers, La-Landis-Landrie, Landry, Lane, La-Langan, Lang, Langdon, Lange, La-Langevin-Langille, La, Langley, Langlois, La-Lanouette, Lanouette
T-15299 Lannon, Bill to Laxson, Violette
Surname groupings interfiled: Lannon, La-Lankey-Lanning-Lanoue, Lanigan, La-Lantz, La-Laporte-Laprade, Lapierre, Laplante, Lapointe-Lapoint, La, Lareau, Larivière, La-Larkin-Larocque, Laroche, Larochelle, Larose, La-La Rue, Larsen, Larson, La, La-Latimer, Latendresse, Latham, La-Latour-Lattin, La, Lauer, La-Laundry, Laughlin, La-Laurin-Lauzon, Laurie, La-Lavallée, Lavigne, Lavoie, La-Law, La-Lawler-Lawless, Lawrence, Laws, Lawson, La-Lawton-Lawyer, Laxson
T-15300 Layman, Alexander to Leshia, Frank
Surname groupings interfiled: Layman, La-Layman-Layton, La, Lea, Leach, Le-Leahy, Le-Leake-Leary, Le-Leavitt, Le-Lebel, Lablanc, Le-Leboeuf-Leclair-Leclère, Leclerc, Le-Ledoux-Ledrew, Lee, Le-Leech-Leedy-Leeman, Le-Leese-Leeson, Lefèbvre, Le, Le-Legault-Léger-Legge, Le, Lehman, Le-Leicht, Le-Leight-Leighton, Le-Leischner, Le, Leitch, Le, Lemay, Lemieux, Le-Lemoine-Lemon, Le, Le-Lennon-Lennox, Le, Léonard, Le, Le-Leroux, Le, Leshia
T-15301 Lescallett, George Calvin to Livingston, E. M.
Surname groupings interfiled: Lescallette, Le-Lesage, Leslie, Le-Lessard-Lester, Le-Létourneau, Le-Levasseur, Le, Levesque, Levin, Levine, Le-Levinsky-Levinson, Le-Levitt, Levy, Le-Lewin, Lewis, Le-Lh, Li-Libby, Li-Liddy, Li, Li-Lien, Li, Lightfoot, Li-Lill, Li-Lilly, Li-Linahan-Lincoln, Li-Lind-Lindberg, Li-Linden-Lindell, Li-Lindquist, Li-Lindstrom, Lindsay-Lindsey, Li, Li-Link-Linker, Li, Li-Linton, Li-Lipp, Li, Lister, Li-Litchfield, Little, Li-Litz-Litzenberger, Li-Lizette-Lizotte-Lj, Livingston
T-15302 Livingston, Fred to Luzmoor, Ernest
Surname groupings interfiled: Livingston, Livingstone, Ll, Lloyd, Lo-Lobe, Lo-Lock-Locke, Lo-Lockwood-Lodge, Loe, Lo-Loesel, Lo-Loewen, Lo-Loge, Logan, Lo, Lo-Loney, Long, Lo, Lo-Loos, Lo-Loranger, Lord, Lo, Lo-Lott, Lo-Lough, Lo-Louis, Lo-Lovejoy, Love, Lo-Lovell, Low-Lowe, Lowell, Lo-Lowery, Lo-Lu, Lu, Lucas, Lu-Luce, Lu-Ludlow, Lu-Ludwick-Ludwig, Lu-Luft, Lu-Luke-Lukey, Lu-Lumsden, Lu-Lundberg, Lu-Lund, Lu-Lundstrom-Lung, Lu ,Lu-Lussier-Lusk, Lutger-Lu-Luther, Lu, Luzmoor
T-15303 Lutz, George to Maniscalco, Samuel
Surname groupings interfiled: Lutz, Lu-Lutz-Luxton, Ly-Lyle, Lynch, Ly-Lynn-Lynds, Ly-Lyon, Ly-Lyons, Lytle-Lyttle, Ma, Ma-Macauley, Ma-Maccette, MacDonald-MacDougall, Ma-Mace, MacFarlane, Ma, Mack, Ma-Mackay, MacKenzie, Mackey, Ma-Mackie, Ma-MacLean, MacLeod, MacMillan, Ma-Macomber-Macon, Ma-Macy-MacPhee, MacRae, Ma-Madden, Ma-Madison, Ma-Madore, Madsen, Ma-Magee, Ma-Magill, Ma-Magnuson-Magner , Ma-Maguire, Ma-Maher, Ma-Mahon, Ma-Mahoney, Ma-Mailhot-Maier, Ma-Main, Ma-Maker, Major, Maki, Ma, Malcolm, Ma-Male, Ma-Mallette, Ma-Malloy, Mallory, Ma-Malone, Ma-Malo, Maloney, Ma, Ma-Mandell, Ma-Mande, Ma-Manley, Maniscalco

- M -

T-15304 Manion, Thos. B. to Mason, W.
Surname groupings interfiled: Manion, Ma, Mann, Ma, Manning, Ma, Mansfield, Ma-Manthey-Manuel, Ma-Mapes, Ma-Marble-Marceau, Ma-March, Marchand, Marcotte, Marcoux, Ma-Marcus, Ma, Ma-Marion, Ma-Mark-Markell, Ma-Markham, Marks, Ma, Ma-Marquis, Ma-Marr-Marriott, Marsden, Marsh, Marshall, Ma-Martens, Martel-Martell, Martin, Ma-Martins-Martinson, Martineau, Ma-Marvin-Martz, Ma-Marx, Ma, Mason
T-15305 Mass, Allan to McClure, Evelyn
Surname groupings interfiled: Mass, Ma-Masson, Masse, Massey, Ma, Masters, Ma, Matheson, Mathew-Mathewson, Mathews, Ma-Mathieu-Mathieson, Ma-Matson, Ma-Matte-Matteson, Ma-Matthew-Matthewson, Matthews, Ma-Mattice-Mattison, Ma-Mattson-Matz, Ma-Mauch, Ma-Mausseau-Maurice, Ma-Maxon-Maxson, Maxwell, May, Ma-Mayberry, Mayer-Mayers, Ma-Maynard-Mayhew, Ma-Mayo, Ma-Maze, Ma, McA-McAfee, McAdam, McA-McAndrews-McAllen, McAllister, McAlpine, McA, McArthur, McAulay-MacAulay, MacAvoy-McAvoy, McB, McBain, McBeth, McBride, McCadden, McCabe, McC-McCaffrey, McCaffery, McC, McCall, McCallum, McC-McCann, McC-McCarron-McCarter, McCarthy, McC-McCartney-McCauley, McC-McClain-McCleery, McC-McClellan, McClelland, McC-McClory, McC, McClure
T-15306 McClure, James A. to McGranaghan, Teresa
Surname groupings interfiled: McClure, McC-McCallum-McComb, McColl, McConnell, McC-McCormack, McCormick, McCoy, McC-McCrea-McCreadie-McCreary, McCracken, McCray, McC-McCue-McCulley-McCully, McCulloch, McCullough, McC-McCune, McCurdy, McD-McDermott-McDaniel, McDonald-MacDonald, McD-McDonell-McDonnell-McDonough, McD-McDowell-McDowall, McDougall, McE, McEachern-MacEachern, McElroy, McE-McEvoy, McEwan-McEwen, McF-McFarland, McFadden, McFarlane, McG, McG-McGee, McG-McGill, McGilvray, McG-McGinnis, McG, McGowan, McG-McGraw, McGranaghan
T-15307 McGrath, Allen G. to McMahon, Hugh B.
Surname groupings interfiled: McGrath, McG, McGregor-MacGregor, McGuire, Mch-McHenry-McHugh, McI-McIlveen, McInnes-MacInnes-McInnis-MacInnis, McI-McIver-McIvor, McIntosh-MacIntosh, McIntyre-MacIntyre, McIsaac-MacIsaac, McK-MacK, McKay-MacKay, McK-MacK, McKee, McKellar, McK-McKenney-MacK, McKenna, McKenzie-MacKenzie, McK-MacK, McKeown, McK-McKillican-McKiney, McKinley, McKinney-McKenna, McK-MacK, McKinnon-MacKinnon, Mcl-McLain-McLachlan-MacL, McLaren-MacLaren, McL, McLaughlin, MacLellan-McLellan-McL, McLean-MacLean, McLeod-MacLeod, McM, McMahon
T-15308 McMahon, Jack to Merrick, Wayne
Surname groupings interfiled: McMahon, McM-MacM-McManus-McMartin, McMaster, McM-McMichael-MacMichael, McMillan-MacMillan, McM-McMullen-McMurray-MacM, McN-McNabb-McNally-McNalley-MacNalley, MacN-McN-McNaughton, McNamara-MacNamara, McN-McNear-McNeally-McNeill-MacNeilly-MacN, McNeil-MacNeil-McNeill-MacNeill, McN-McNulty-McNutt-MacN, McP-MacP-McPhee-McPhail-MacPhee, MacPherson, McQ-MacQ-McQuade-McR, McRae-MacRae, McS-McT-MacT, MacV-McV-McVay-McVey, McW-McWhirter-MacW, Me-Meade, Mead, Me, Me-Mee-Meehan, Me-Meek-Meeks, Me, Me-Meier, Me-Meisner, Me-Melanson, Me, Me-Melton-Melville-Melvin, Me, Ménard, Me, Me-Menzel, Menzies, Me-Mercier, Mercer, Me-Meredith, Me, Me-Merriman, Merrick
T-15309 Merrill, Alice to Mills, Gordon
Surname groupings interfiled: Merrill, Ma-Merrill, Merritt, Me-Mertens, Me-Messer, Me-Messier, Me-Métivier, Me-Metcalf-Metcalfe, Me-Metz, Me-Meuinier, Metzger, Meyer, Me-Meyers, Mi, Michael, Mi-Michaud, Mi-Michels, Mi-Mickelson, Mi, Middleton, Mi, Mi-Mignault-Migneault, Mi-Milette-Milbank, Miles, Mi, Mi-Mill-Millard, Miller, Mi-Millette-Milley-Milligane, Mills
T-15310 Mills, McHannah to Moorey, Verne B.
Surname groupings interfiled: Mills, Mi, Milne, Milot, Milroy, Mi-Milton, Mi-Minard, Mi-Miner, Mi-Minkler, Mi-Minor-Minnis, Mi-Minton, Mi-Miron, Mi-Misener, Mitchell, Mi-Ml, Mo-Mock-Moberg, Mo, Mo-Moe, Mo-Moen, Mo-Moffett-Moffitt, Moffat-Moffatt, Mohr-Mohney, Mo, Moir, Mo-Moll-Moller-Molloy, Mo, Mo-Monahan-Monaghan, Mo-Mongeau-Monk, Mo-Monroe-Monson, Mo-Monterville-Montague, Montgomery, Mo-Mood-Moon, Moodie, Moody, Mo-Moor, Mooney, Moore, Mo-Moores-Moorhouse-Moquin, Moorey
T-15311 Mooren, William to Mullen, Hernon James
Surname groupings interfiled: Mooren, Mo, Moran, Mo-Moreau-Morehouse, Mo-Morell-Moreland-Morency-Moreford, Morey, Morgan, Mo-Moriarty, Morin, Mo-Morissette, Mo-Morley-Morningstar, Mo-Morrell-Morrill, Morris, Morrison, Mo-Morrissette-Morrissey, Morrow, Mo-Morse, Mo-Mortensen-Mortimer, Morton, Mo, Moser, Mo-Moses, Mo-Mosher, Mo-Moss-Mossman, Mo-Motier-Motley, Mo-Mott, Mo-Moulton-Mouland-Moullen, Mo-Mouncey, Mount, Mo-Mowrey-Moxness, Mowat-Mowatt, Mo-Moyer, Mo-Moyle-Mozynski, Mu-Mudic, Mu-Mueller, Mu-Mugford, Muir, Mu-Muldon, Mu-Mull, Mullholland, Mullen
T-15312 Mullen, L. A. to Nelson, Charlie
Surname groupings interfiled: Mullen, Mu-Muller-Mulley, Mu-Mulligan, Mullins, Mu, Mu-Muncy-Mundy, Munday, Mu-Munn-Munns, Munro-Munroe, Mu-Munson, Mu-Murch, Murdock, Mu, Murphy-Murphey, Murray, Mu-Murry, Murton, Mu-Muse-Muss, Mu-Mutch, My-Myer-Myhre, Myers, My, Myles, Na, Na-Nadon-Nader, Nadeau, Na-Nagel-Nagle, Na-Nalette-Nall, Najsz, Na-Nance, Na, Na-Nason, Nash, Na-Nate, Na, Na-Naughton, Na, Naylor, Ne, Neal-Neale, Ne, Ne-Needham-Needles-Neely, Ne-Neff-Neher-Nehring, Ne, Neil-Neill, Neilsen-Neilson, Ne, Ne-Nelson-Nellis, Nelson

- N -

T-15313 Nelson, Charlie A. to Nolting, Iber
Surname groupings interfiled: Nelson, Ne, Ne-Nesbitt, Ne-Ness, Ne-Netherton-Nettleton, Ne-Neufeld, Ne-Neuman-Neumann, Ne-Neville, New, Ne-Newbeck-Newburg-Newby, Newcomb-Newcombe, Ne-Newfield-Newgent, Newell, Ne-Newhook-Newlin, Newman, Ne, Newton, Ni-Nicholas, Nicholl-Nicholls, Nichol-Nichols, Nicholson, Ni-Nickerson-Nickels, Ni-Nicolle-Nicoll, Ni-Nicol, Ni, Nielsen-Nielson, Ni, Niemi, Ni-Nigh-Nightingale, Ni-Nilsen-Nimmo, Nilson, Ni-Nissen-Nisbet, Ni-Nl, Nixon, No-Noble, No-Noiseux-Noiseau, Noel, No-Nola, Nolan, No-Nolin, Nolting
T-15314 Nolet, Joseph to Olsen, Roy L.
Surname groupings interfiled: Nolet, No-Nolet-Nolin-Noll, No-Noonan, No-Nordberg, No-Nordin-Nordstrom, No-Normandeau-Normandin, Norman, Norris, No-North-Northcott, No-Northrup-Northfield, Norton, No-Noseworthy, No, Novak, No-Nowlan-Noyes, Nowak, Nu-Nugent, Nu, Nu-Nuttall-Nutz-Nutting, Ny-Nye-Nygaard-Nyberg, Oa-Oake-Oakes, Oa-Oakley, Ob-Oberg, Ob, O'Brien, Oc, O'Connell, O'Connor, Od-Ode-O'Dell, O'Donnell, O'Donoghue, Oe, Of, Og-Ogard, Ogden, Ogilvie, Og-Ogle-O'Grady, Oh, O'Hara, Oh-Oi-Oj-Ol, Ok-Oke-O'Keefe, Ol-Olberg-Oldford, Oldfield, Oldham, Ol-O'Leary-Oleson, Ol-Olivier-Oliverio, Oliver, Ol-Ollis-Olmstead, Ol, Olsen

- O -

T-15315 Olsen, Sarah to Page, W. M. O.
Surname groupings interfiled: Olsen, Olson, Ol, Om-O'Malley, O'Mara, On-O'Neil, O'Neil-O'Neill, On-Op, Op-Oq, Or-Orchard-Orcutt, Or-Organ, O'Reilley-O'Reilly, Or, O'Rourke, Or-Orr, Or-Ortman-Orton, Os, Osborn-Osborne, Os-O'Shea, Osgood, Os-Osmond, Os-Oster, Os-Ostrom-Oswald, Ot-Otis-Otoole, Ot-Ott, Ot-Otto, Ou-Ouillette, Ouellet-Ouellette, Ov-Overby-Overland, Ov-Overton, Owen-Owens, Ow-Ownby-Owre, Ox-Oy-Oz, Pa-Pace-Pabst, Pa-Packer, Pa-Paddock, Page

- P -

T-15316 Pageau, Arthur to Paulson, Myrtle
Surname groupings interfiled: Pageau, Pa-Paige, Pa-Paine-Painter, Pa, Pa-Palm, Palmer, Pa, Pa-Papineau-Pappas, Paquet-Paquette, Paguin-Paquin, Pa-Paradis-Paré, Parent, Parenteau, Pa-Paris, Pa-Park, Parker, Pa-Parkhurst, Parkinson, Parks, Pa-Parmentier, Pa-Parr-Parrish-Parry, Parrott, Pa-Parshall, Parson-Parsons, Pa-Partridge, Pa, Patenaude-Pa, Paterson, Paton, Pa-Patrick-Patten, Patterson-Paterson, Pa, Patton, Paul, Pa, Paulson
T-15317 Paulson, Nellie to Peterie, Joseph
Surname groupings interfiled: Paulson, Paulson-Paulsen, Pa, Payette, Payne, Pe-Peacock, Pe-Pearcy-Pearsall, Pearce, Pearson, Pe-Pease, Peck, Pe-Peddle, Pederson, Pe-Peer-Peers, Pe, Pe-Pellerin-Peloquin, Pelletier, Pe-Peltier, Pe-Pendleton, Pe-Penner-Penney-Pennington, Pe-Penny, Pe-Pépin-Pepper, Pe-Percival, Perkins, Pe-Perlman-Perlmutter, Pe-Perron-Perrin, Perreault, Perry, Pe-Persinger-Persons, Persson, Pe, Peterie
T-15318 Pester, Lewis to Pittman, F. E.
Surname groupings interfiled: Pester, Pe, Peters, Pe, Peterson, Pe-Petit-Pétrie, Pétrin, Pe-Petterson-Pettis, Pettit, Pe, Pf-Pfeiffer, Pf-Pfister, Ph-Phaneuf-Phair-Phelan, Phalen, Phelps, Ph-Phillip-Phillipp, Phillips, Ph-Philpot-Phipps-Phinney, Pi-Piché-Pichette, Picard, Pi-Pickard-Pickering-Pickens, Pi-Pidgeon, Pierce-Piercey, Pi, Pi-Pigeon-Pike, Pi-Pillsbury-Pilon, Pi-Pinard-Pineault, Pi-Pineau, Pi-Pinkerton-Pinkham,Pi-Pinske, Pi-Piper, Pi-Pitcher-Pitt-Pittman, Pittman
T-15319 Pittman, F. E. to Prerley, George E.
Surname groupings interfiled: Pittman, Pi-Pitcher-Pitt-Pittman, Pi-Pitts-Pj, Pl-Place-Plamondon, Pl-Plant-Plante, Pl-Platt-Platz-Player, Pl, Pl-Plouffe-Plourde, Pl-Plummer, Po, Po-Poisson-Poitras-Poindexter, Poirier, Po-Poland, Po, Po-Pollard, Po, Pollock, Po-Pomeroy, Po-Pond-Pontbriand, Po-Pool-Poole-Poor, Po, Pope, Po-Popp, Po-Porier, Porter, Po, Po-Post, Po-Pottle, Potter, Po-Potts-Pouliot, Potvin, Poulin, Po-Powe-Powderly, Powell, Po-Power, Powers, Pr-Prairie-Prather, Pr-Pratt-Pratte, Pr-Preece-Prefontaine, Pr-Prentice, Prerley
T-15320 Prena, Joseph to Randall, Guy Leslie
Surname groupings interfiled: Prena, Pr-Prendergast, Pr-Presse-Presley-Prescott, Pr-Prest, Preston, Pr-Prévost-Pretty, Price, Pr-Prichard-Pride, Pr-Priest-Prieur, Pr-Prince, Pr-Pringle-Prior, Pr, Pritchard, Pr-Probe-Procter, Proctor-Procter, Pr, Pr-Prosser-Protzman, Pr-Proulx-Provencher, Provost, Pr-Prudhomme-Pryor, Pu-Puddister, Pu-Pugh, Pu-Pullman, Pu-Purcell-Purchase, Purdy, Pu, Pu-Putman-Putnam-Putz, Py-Pye-Pyke, Qu-Quade, Qu-Quanbeck, Qu, Qu-Quick-Quigley, Qu-Quinlan, Qu-Quinn, Qu-Quintal-Quiring, Ra, Ra-Racicot-Racine, Ra-Rada-Radcliffe-Rader, Ra-Radford, Ra-Rae, Ra-Rahn, Ra-Raines-Raiche, Ra-Rainville-Rake, Ra-Ralph-Ralston, Ra-Ramey, Ra, Ramsay-Rasey, Ra-Rancourt-Ranck, Randall

- R -

T-15321 Randall, Harold M. to Renmickson, William
Surname groupings interfiled: Randall, Ra-Randell-Randolph, Ra-Rankin, Ra, Ra-Rapp-Rapson, Ra-Rasmussen, Ra-Ratzloff, Ra-Rau-Raun, Ra-Rawlings-Rawlins, Ra-Ray-Rayburn, Ra-Raymond, Re-Rea-Read, Re-Reade-Reader-Ream, Re-Reardon-Réaume, Re-Reck, Re-Redd-Reddick-Redding, Re-Redfield-Redfern-Redick, Re-Redmond-Reece, Reed, Re-Reeder-Rees, Re-Reese-Reeser, Re-Reeve-Reeves, Re-Regan, Re-Regnier, Re-Reich-Reichardt, Re-Reichman-Reichert, Read-Reid, Re-Reidell-Reidy-Reil, Reilly, Re-Reimer-Reiner, Re-Reinhart, Re-Reiswig, Re-Reith, Re-Rell-Relford, Re-Rémillard-Rempel, Re-Renaud-Rendell, Renmickson
T-15322 Renner, Selma P. to Rissanen, Ananias
Surname groupings interfiled: Renner, Re-Renner-Rennie, Re-Renwick, Re, Re-Ressler, Re-Reum-Reusser, Re-Reveler-Revell, Re-Reynolds, Rh-Rhea-Rhéaume-Rhoades, Rh-Rhodes-Rhyne, Ri-Ricard-Ricci-Rice, Ri-Rich-Richer-Richey, Richard-Richards, Richardson, Ri-Richman-Richmond, Richter-Richtor, Ri-Rick-Ricker, Ri-Rideout-Riddell-Rider, Ri-Ridges-Ridgley-Ridgway, Ri-Riecken-Riedel, Ri-Riel-Riendeau, Ri-Ries, Ri-Rigby-Riggins-Riggs, Riley, Ri-Rinehart, Ri-Ring-Ringuette, Ri-Rioux, Ri, Rissanen
T-15323 Rising, Benjamin C. to Rolseth, Mathilda
Surname groupings interfiled: Rising, Ri-Risch-Risley, Ri-Ritchie, Ri-Ritter, Ri-Rivard-Rivers, Ro-Robb-Roach, Ro-Robbins-Roberson, Roberg-Roberge, Robert-Roberts, Ro-Roberts, Robertson, Ro-Robichaud-Robillard-Robitaille, Robinson, Ro-Roche, Ro-Rock-Rockwood, Ro-Rodd-Roderick, Ro-Rodger-Rodgers, Ro-Roe, Ro-Roen, Ro-Roether, Roger-Rogers, Ro-Rogerson-Rohl, Ro-Rohne, Ro-Rolfe-Roland, Ro-Rollins, Rolseth
T-15324 Rollin, Norman to Rungan, Martha
Surname groupings interfiled: Rollin, Ro, Ro-Rondeau, Ro-Rooney, Ro-Root, Ro-Roper-Roscoe, Rose, Ro-Roseberry-Rosebush, Rosen, Rosenbaum-Rosenbauer, Rosenberg-Rosenberry-Rosenberger, Ro, Rosenfeld, Ro, Ro-Rosenthal, Ro, Ross, Ro-Rossi-Rossignol-Rost, Ro-Roth, Ro, Ro-Rothweiler-Rothwell, Ro-Rouleau-Round, Ro-Rouse-Rousseau-Routhier-Roux, Ro-Rowan, Ro-Rowe, Ro-Rowlands-Rowland, Ro-Roy, Ru-Rub, Ru-Rubin-Ruby, Ru-Rudd-Rude, Ru-Rudolf-Rudolph, Ru-Ruel-Ruff, Ru-Ruhl, Ru-Rumohr, Ru-Runte-Running, Rungan
T-15325 Rungan, Martha to Sandmoen, Alfred
Surname groupings interfiled: Rungan, Ru, Ru-Rupert-Rupp, Ru-Ruse-Rush, Ru-Rushlow-Rusk, Russell, Ru-Rust, Ru-Rutherford, Ru-Rutledge, Ryan-Ryans, Ry-Rye-Ryckman-Ryder-Rz, Sa-Sabbe-Saari, Sa, Sa-Sack, Sa-Saddler-Sadler, Sa-Sage-Sager, Sa, St-St Clair-St Jean-St Onge-St Martin, St Pierre, Sa-Sales, Sa-Salisbury-Salls, Sa-Salmon-Salo, Sa-Salt, Sa-Samis-Sammons, Sa-Sampson-Samson, Sa-Samuel-Samuelson, Sa-Sand-Sandberg, Sa-Sanders, Sandmoen

- S -

T-15326 Sanders, Bernard to Schulman, Bessie
Surname groupings interfiled: Sanders, Sa-Sanders, Sanderson, Sa-Sandstrom-Sands, Sa-Sanford, Sa, Sa-Sargent, Sa-Sass, Sa-Sather-Sattler, Sa-Sauer-Saucier, Sa-Saunders, Sa-Sauve-Sauvageau, Sa-Savage-Savoie, Sa-Sawyer, Sa-Saxe-Saxon-Saxton, Sa-Sayer-Sayler-Sb, Sc-Scanlon, Sc-Schack, Sc-Schaefer, Schaeffer, Sc-Schafer-Schaffer, Sc-Schaller, Sc-Scharf, Sc-Schauffler, Sc-Scheel, Sc-Scheid, Sc-Schell, Sc-Schendel, Sc-Scherer, Sc, Sc-Schick, Sc-Schiffo, Sc-Schiller, Sc-Schissler, Sc-Schlegel, Sc, Sc-Schlosser, Sc, Schmidt, Sc-Schmitt, Sc-Schmitz, Sc, Sc-Schneider,Sc-Schnellback-Schnitzler, Sc-Schock, Sc, Sc-Schofield, Sc-Schooler, Sc-Schow, Sc-Schrader-Schramm, Sc-Schreiner-Schreiber, Sc-Schroeder, Sc-Schuetz, Sc, Schulman
T-15327 Schuler, C. R. L. to Shanks, Doris
Surname groupings interfiled: Schuler, Sc-Schuler-Schulte, Schultz, Schulz-Schulze, Sc-Schumacher-Schuman, Sc-Schuster, Sc-Schutte, Sc-Schwab, Schwartz, Sc-Schwarz, Sc, Sc-Scofield, Scott, Sc-Scribner, Sc-Scully, Se-Seager, Se-Seal, Se-Sears, Se-Seaton, Se, Se-See, Se-Seeley, Se-Séguin, Se-Seibel, Se-Seifert, Se-Seitz, Se-Selby-Self, Se-Sellers, Se, Se-Semler, Se-Senn, Se, Se-Settle, Se-Seversen-Severson-Sevigny, Se-Sewell-Sexton, Se-Seymour-Sg, Sh-Shaddy-Shade, Sh-Shafer-Shaff, Sh, Sh-Shank-Shanks, Shanks
T-15328 Shanahan, Edward to Simons, Briceis H.
Surname groupings interfiled: Shanahan, Sh-Shanahan-Shank, Sh-Shannon, Sh-Shapiro, Sh-Sharkey, Sharp-Sharpe, Sh-Shaver, Sh-Shaw, Sh-Shea, Sh-Shear-Shearer-Shearing, Sh-Sheehan, Sh-Sheets-Sheffer, Sh-Shelby-Sheldon, Sh-Shelton, Sh-Shepard-Shepherd, Sh-Sheppard, Sh-Sheridan, Sh-Sherman, Sh-Sherrill-Sherry, Sh-Sherwood, Sh-Shield-Shields, Sh-Shilling, Sh-Shipman-Shipley-Shippy, Sh-Shirley-Shirts, Sh-Shoemaker, Sh, Sh-Short, Showers-Shroder-Shrum, Sh-Shultz-Shuler-Shulman, Sh-Shumaker-Shuttleworth, Si-Sicard, Si-Sidwell, Si-Siegel, Si-Siemens-Sievert, Si-Sigurdson, Si-Silk, Si, Si-Silver, Si-Silverman-Silverthorn, Si-Simard, Simmons, Simms, Simon-Simons, Simons
T-15329 Simons, Chancey to Smith, Emil
Surname groupings interfiled: Simons, Simon-Simons, Si-Simonds-Simonson, Simpson, Si-Sims-Sinclair, Si-Singer-Singleton, Si, Si-Sirois-Sissons, Sisters (nuns), Si-Sj, Sk-Skeard-Skelly, Sk-Skinner, Sk, Sl-Slade-Slack, Sl-Slate-Slattery, Sl-Slaughter-Slayton, Sl, Sl-Sloan, Sl-Slonaker, Sm-Small, Sm-Smalley-Smart, Sm, Sm-Smiley-Smithson, Smith
T-15330 Smith, Emil to Sorenson, M.
Surname groupings interfiled: Smith, Sm, Sm-Smyth-Smythe, Sn-Snell, Sn-Snider-Snook, Snow, Snyder, So, So-Solberg, So-Solomon, So, So-Somers-Somerville, So-Sommers, So-Soper, So-Sorenson, Sorenson
T-15331 Sorbo, Adolph to Steggall, Tressie
Surname groupings interfiled: Sorbo, So-Sorensen-Sorenson, So-Soucy innterfiled, So-South-Southard-Southern, So-Southwick-Southworth, Sp-Spain-Spalding, Sp-Spangler, Sp-Sparks-Spaulding, Sp-Spear-Spears, Sp-Speck-Speer, Sp-Spence, Spencer, Sp-Sperry, Sp-Spicer, Sp, Sp-Spinney, Sp-Spitzer, Sp, Sp-Spracklin-Sprague, Sp-Springer-Spritz, Sp-Spurling-Sproule, Sq-Squire-Squires, St-Stacey, St-Stafford, St-Stahl, St-Stair-Stalker, St-Stamp, St-Standish, St-Stangl-Stanford,St-Stanley, St-Stapleton-Stanton, St-Starfield,, St-Stark, St-Starr, St, St-Stauffer, St-Stearns, St, St-Steel-Steele, St-Steen-Steeves, St-Steil, Steggall
T-15332 Stein, Alexander to Street, Wesley
Surname groupings interfiled: Stein, St-Stein, St-Steinberg, St-Steiner, St, St-Stenson, St-Stéphan, St-Stephen-Stephens, Stephenson, St-Sterling, Stern, St-Sterne-Sterner, St-Sterr, Stevens, Stevenson, Steward, Stewart, St-Stickland, St-Stiers, Stiles, St-Still-Stillman, St-Stirling-Stitt, St-Stock, St-Stockman-Stockwell-Stoddard, St, St-Stokes, St, St-Stolt-Stoltz, Stone, St, St-Storch-Story, St-Story-Storms, St-Stout, Stout, St-Stowell-Stoyle, St-Straight-Strachan, St-Strand-Strange, St-Stratton, St-Straus, St-Strauss-Strayer, St-Street, Street
T-15333 Stregger, Alvina to Szeyallo, Joseph
Surname groupings interfiled: Stregger, St-Stregger, St-Strickland, St-Strom, St-Strong, St, St-Strubeck-Strunk, St-Stuard-Stuart, St, St-Studebaker, St-Stultz, St-Sturgeon, St-Stutzman, Su-Suck, Su, Sullivan, Su, Su-Summer-Summers, Su, Su-Sunderland-Sunde, Su, Sutherland-Su, Su-Sutten-Sutter-Sutton-Sv, Sw-Swain-Swan, Sw-Swanson, Sw-Swartz, Sw-Sweeney, Sw-Sweet, Sw-Swenson, Sw-Swift, Sw-Switzer, Sy-Sykes-Sylvester, Sy-Sz, Szeyallo
T-15334 Szmiot, Kerstant to Thompon, John
Surname groupings interfiled: Szmiot, Sy-Sz, Ta-Taber-Tack-Tady, Ta-Taggart-Tait, Ta-Talbot, Ta-Tall-Talley-Tallman, Ta, Ta-Tanguay-Tanner, Ta, Ta-Tate-Tatro, Ta-Tardif-Tardiff, Ta, Taylor, Te, Te-Teel, Te-Telford-Tellier, Te-Temple-Templeton, Te-Tenant intefiled, Te-Tessier-Turrell, Terry, Te-Tétreault-Te Vogt, Th-Thacker-Tharp, Th-Thatcher-Thayer, Th-Theberge, Th-Théroux-Therrien-Thériault, Th-Thibault-Thibeault, Thibodeau, Th-Thom, Thompon

- T -

T-15335 Thistle, Le Baron C. to Todd, Harold
Surname groupings interfiled: Thistle, Th-Thom, Thomas, Thomason-Thomasson, Thompson, Thomson, Th-Thorn-Thornton, Thorne, Th-Thorp-Thorpe, Th-Thrasher, Th, Th-Thurston-Thurman, Ti-Tibbitts-Tibbetts, Ti, Ti-Tiffin, Ti-Tilley, Ti-Timms-Timmins, Ti, Ti-Tj-Tk-Tl, To-Tobin, Todd
T-15336 Todd, Harriet to Turner, Dora
Surname groupings interfiled: Todd, To-Todd, To, To-Toler-Tollifson, To-Tomlinson, To-Tompkins, To-Tonner, To-Toole-Toomey, To-Topping, To-Torgeson-Torris, To-Toth-Toupin, To-Tower-Town, To-Townsend, Tr-Tracey-Tracy, Tr-Trainor-Trafton, Tr, Tr-Travers-Travis, Tr, Tr-Tremblay, Tr-Trépanier-Trexler, Tr, Tr-Trimble, Tr-Tripp, Tr-Trombley, Tr-Trotter, Trottier, Tr-Troxell-Troy, Troyer, Tr-Trudel-Trudell-Trudeau, Tr-Ts, Tu-Tubbs-Tuck, Tucker, Tu-Tuff-Tully, Tu, Tupper, Tu-Turgeon-Turnbull, Turcott-Turcotte, Turner
T-15337 Turner, Earl H. to Venning, Clarence
Surname groupings interfiled: Turner, Tu, Tu-Tuttle-Tv, Tw, Ty-Tyler, Ty-Tyrell-Tyson, Ub to Uk, Ul, Ul-Ulrich, Um-Un-Underwood, Un-Ungar-Unger, Un-Up, Upton, Ur, Urquhart, Us-Ut-Uv-Uy-Uz, Va-Vail-Vaine, Vachon, Vadnais, Vaillancourt, Va-Valentine, Va-Vallières, Valée, Va-Van, Vanasse, Va-Van-Vance, Va-Vandeberg, Va, Va-Van Dyke, Va-Van Horn, Va-Van, Va-Van Patten, Va-Van, Va-Van Wick, Va-Vath, Va-Vaughan, Vaughn, Ve-Veals, Ve-Veilleux, Ve, Venning

- V -

T-15338 Venes, Dilon to Wallace, Wylie
Surname groupings interfiled: Venes, Ve, Ve-Verville, Ve-Vetsch, Vi-Vian-Viau, Vickery, Vi-Viens, Vi-Vigneault-Villeneuve, Vi-Violette, Vincent, Vi, Vi-Vivian, Vl, Vo, Vo-Vogel, Vo-Vogt-Voigt, Vo-Volg, Vo, Vo-Von, Vo, Vo-Voss-Votour, Vr-Vy, Wa-Wacker, Wa-Wade, Waddell, Wa-Wagar-Wager-Wagoner, Wadsworth, Wagner, Wa-Wahl, Wa, Wa-Waite-Waites, Wa-Wakefield, Wa-Walch, Wa-Walden-Waldner, Wa-Wales, Walker, Wall, Wallace

- W -

T-15339 Wallauch, Arthur to Webb, W. L.
Surname groupings interfiled: Wallauch, Wa, Waller, Wa-Wallin, Wa-Wallsmith, Walmsley, Walsh, Wa-Walter, Walters, Wa-Walton, Wa-Walz, Wa-Wang-Wanless, Warburton, Ward, Wa-Ware-Wardlaw, Wa, Warner, Warren, Warrener, Wa-Wartman-Warwick, Wa-Wash-Washburn, Wa-Washington, Wa-Wasson, Wa-Waterer, Waterman, Wa-Waters, Wa, Watkins, Watson, Wa-Watt, Watters, Watts, Wa-Waugh-Wax, Wa-Way, We, Weaver, We, Webb
T-15340 Webber, Addie to Whisker, William M
Surname groupings interfiled: Webber, Weber, Webster, We-Weddle, We-Weed, We-Weeks, We, We-Weideman, We, We-Weiland, We-Weiler-Weiman, Weinberg, Weiner, We, We-Weinstein, We, Weir, We-Weis-Weisberg, We-Weise, We-Weiss, We-Weitzel, We, Welch, We-Weld-Welin, We-Well-Weller-Wellington, Wells, We, Welsh, We-Welton-Welty, We-Wendland-Wendt, We-Wenger, We-Wentworth-Wentzel-Wenzel, We-Werham, Werner, We, We-Wessel-Wesley, West, We-Westby, We, We-Western, We-Westin-Westgate, We-Westover, Weston, We, Wh-Whalen, Wh-Wheatley, Wheeler, Wh, Whelan, Wh-Whipple, Whisker
T-15341 Whitaker, Arthur to Williams, Ivan T.
Surname groupings interfiled: Whitaker, Wh-Whitaker, White, Wh-Whitehead, Wh-Whiteman-Whitfield, Wh-Whitley, Whiting, Wh-Whitman-Whitmore, Wh-Whitsell-Whitson, Whitney, Wh-Whitten, Whittaker, Wh-Whittle, Whyte, Wi, Wick, Wi-Wicks, Wi, Wi-Wiedmann, Wi, Wi-Wiffle, Wi-Wigg, Wi-Wilbur-Wilburn, Wilcox, Wi-Wild-Wilde, Wi-Wilder, Wi-Wiles, Wiley, Wi, Wi-Wilke-Wilkes, Wi-Wilkie-Wilks, Wilkins, Wilkinson, Wi-Will-Willcox, Willard, Wi-Willey-Willer-Willett-Willie, Williams
T-15342 Williams, James to Wolbert, Verdie
Surname groupings interfiled: Williams, Williamson, Wi-Willis, Wi-Wills, Wi-Wilmot, Wilson, Wi, Wi-Wind, Wi-Windsor, Wi, Wi-Wing, Wi-Winkler, Wi-Winn-Winney, Wi-Winslow, Wi-Winter, Wi-Winters, Wi-Wirt-Wirth, Wi-Wise, Wi-Witters, Wi-Wiseman, Wi-Witherspoon, Wi-Witt, Wi-Wittman, Wo, Wo-Wold-Wolcott, Wolbert
T-15343 Wolf, Adalina to Young, Ewen
Surname groupings interfiled: Wolf, Wo-Wolf, Wolfe, Wo-Wolff, Wo, Wood, Wo-Woodard-Woodcock, Wo-Woodford-Woodland, Wo, Wo-Woods, Wo-Woodward-Woody, Wo, Wo-Working, Wo, Wo-Wortman-Worthington, Wr-Wray, Wright, Wr, Wu-Wulff, Wu-Wurtz, Wy-Wyatt Wy-Wyman-Wyles, Wylie, Wy-Wynne-Wyse, Xa-Xe-Xi, Ya, Ya-Yale, Ya-Yates, Ye, Ye-Yetman-Yeoman-Yl, Yo-Yoder, Yo-York-Yorke, Young

- Y -

T-15344 Young, Fadia to Zwietusch, William Y.
Surname groupings interfiled: Young, Yo-Youngs, Yu, Za, Za-Zander, Za, Ze-Zeiner-Zehner, Ze-Zelmer, Zellers, Zellnar, Ze-Zh, Zi, Zimmer, Zimmerman, Zi-Zm, Zo, Zu, Zu-Zv-Zw-Zy, Zwietusch

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