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Immigrants from the Russian Empire (LI-RA-MA Collection)

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The Likacheff-Ragosine-Mathers (LI-RA-MA) collection (MG 30 E406) consists of documents created by the Imperial Russian Consular offices in Canada during the period from 1898 to 1922. The Passport/Identity Papers series consists of about 11,400 files on Russian immigrants from the Imperial Russian Empire who settled in Canada, including Jews, Ukrainians and Finns.

Russian consular records. File relating to Vasilii Ivanovich Kondratiuk. Library and Archives Canada, MG 30 E406, vol. 42, document no. 2544, reel M-7626


Russian consular records. File
relating to Vasilii Ivanovich Kondratiuk.
Library and Archives Canada,
MG 30 E406, vol. 42,
document no. 2544, reel M-7626.

The files include documents such as passport applications and background questionnaires. Many of the records are written in Russian Cyrillic; Library and Archives Canada does not provide a translation service.

The nominal card index to the Passport/Identity Papers series appears on the following microfilm reels:

H-1971 AALTONEN, Kalle Emil to GLINSKII, Egor Nikolaev
H-1972 GLINSKY, George to LABLUK
H-1973 LABON, Sergei Stepanov to POPOFSKY, Moses
H-1975 VISHTAK, Avtonom Lakovlevich to ZYWIC

Each index reel also includes a more detailed description of the collection.

Once you have consulted the index and identified files of interest to you, you can use the following list to determine the corresponding volume and microfilm reel numbers.

The index and digitized images of the files of the Passport/Identity Papers series are available online.

Research in Other Institutions

The National Archives and Records Administration of the United States holds a similar collection of records compiled by the Russian Consular offices in the United States. For further information, consult Sallyann Sack's publication The Russian Consular Records Index and Catalogue, or contact the Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Washington [].

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