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Immigration and Citizenship

Immigration Records Column Headings

Form used between 1909 and 1921

Table of Contents

1. No. of Passengers.
2. No. of S.S. Contract Ticket
3. Amount of Cash in $
4. Name in full
Age of adults.
	5. Male.
	6. Female.
Children under 14 years.
	7. Male
	8. Female.
9. Married, Single, or Widowed.
10. Have you ever been in Canada before?
If so
	11. When.
	12. Where.
	13. How Long.
14. Do you intend to permanently reside in Canada?
15. Are you able to read?
16. Are you able to write?
17. Country of Birth
18. No. of Passengers.
19. Race of People.
	20. Post Office.
	21. Province.
22. What was your occupation in country from which you came?
23. What is your intended occupation in Canada?
24. Have you ever worked as farmer, farm labourer, gardener, stableman,
carter, Ry, surfaceman, navvy or miner? If so 25. Which 26. How long 27. When 28. Religious Denomination. 29. Travelled inland on 30. Initials of civil examiner. 31. No. of Passengers