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After 1916

Census returns after 1916 are in the custody of Statistics Canada, not Library and Archives Canada. The records are closed under the Statistics Act and the Act to Amend the Statistics Act. [] The legislation does not permit the disclosure of personal information from post-1916 census returns. The only exception is for people who require information about themselves, for pension or other legal purposes. Third parties cannot obtain information about another individual without the individual's written consent.

If you have questions about post-1916 census returns or the census legislation, you can obtain a background information sheet from the following office:

Statistics Canada
Access to Information and Privacy Office
25B R.H. Coats Building
Tunney's Pasture
Ottawa, ON K1A 0T6

Under the legislation, when 92 calendar years have elapsed since the taking of a census, those records will be opened for public use and transferred to Library and Archives Canada.

2006 Census - A message from Ian E. Wilson, Librarian and Archivist of Canada