Newfoundland Campaigns
On March 27, 1857, Miot left for Newfoundland on board the Ardent, under the command of Captain Georges-Charles Cloué. He was promoted to Lieutenant on July 30 and returned to Paris on November 10. It was during this first trip that he executed his first known series of photographs. As early as 1858, some artists published drawings based on these photographs in Le Monde Illustré and L'Illustration. During the following seasons, his hydrographic missions in Newfoundland increased considerably on board the Sésostris (March 13 - Nov. 11, 1858; March 13 - Nov. 5, 1859; and March 22 - Nov. 18, 1860) and on board the Milan (April 4, 1861 - Oct. 18, 1862). Upon his return to France, he officially created the first photography workshop at the Dépot des cartes et plans, which had been operating on his initiative since 1857.