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Conservation of Bound Records

Conservation treatment of bound records such as photograph albums, sketch books and printed books is undertaken in the laboratories of the Gatineau Preservation Centre. Treatments are intended to slow down or prevent the deterioration of collections from causes such as poor quality materials or environmental factors; and to repair damage already done to documents, thereby permitting their continued availability for use. Treatments performed enable Library and Archives Canada to meet access demands for consultation, digital scanning or exhibition as well as ensuring the long-term survival of these unique records.
Professional book conservators are responsible for conservation treatment on a wide variety of bindings which contain manuscript, printed text, photographs and works of art. Procedures encompass treatments of the book pages, elements of the binding structure and covering materials. Treatments may include chemical stabilization such as non-aqueous deacidification or the consolidation of covering material, and physical intervention such as structural repair to original bindings. A preventive care strategy for the long-term preservation of collections incorporates a wide variety of minor treatments.

Conservators also provide advice and support to many of the other fundamental activities of LAC in the form of research into conservation techniques and approaches, advice on methods of disaster preparedness and recovery, and technical evaluations of samples and products.