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Response of Library and Archives Canada to the Round IX
Management Accountability Framework
Action Plan 2012—2013

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Message from the Deputy Head and Librarian and Archivist of Canada

The responsibility of Library and Archives Canada (LAC) is to acquire, preserve and make available the documentary heritage that accurately reflects the evolution of Canadian society, by applying selection criteria based on public policies, while presenting the most representative image possible of Canadian life, using known and transparent processes.

LAC has made significant progress during a period marked by a profound transformation in the networks that disseminate information. To adapt to this new environment and meet the challenge of better serving Canadians in the 21st century, LAC began, in 2010, an examination of its activities and processes in order to meet Canadians' changing needs in a world focused on digital information.

This examination led to an in-depth review of the defining concepts and principles of action underlying LAC's business practices, and they were transformed by the adoption of new work processes particularly with core activities of human resources, information management, appraisal, resource discovery, holdings management, digital preservation, and stakeholder engagement.

In fiscal 2012–13, LAC will be assessed only on the following six fundamental areas of management (AoM): Values and Ethics (AoM 1), Internal Audit (AoM 5), Evaluation (AoM 6), Financial Management and Control (AoM 7), Integrated Risk Management (AoM 9) and finally, People Management (AoM 10)


After the final assessment of Round IX (2011–12) LAC will concentrate on the following elements of the Management Accountability Framework (MAF):

  • AoM 1 (Values and Ethics)—Develop a values and ethics action plan to solve the gaps identified in the 2011 Public Service Employee Survey (PSES);
  • AoM 8 (Security)—Develop and have approved the departmental security plan;
  • AoM 12 (Information Management)—LAC received an acceptable score (green) and wishes to continue to improve its recordkeeping practices and to complete the implementation of its retention and disposition plans, given its status as a leader in information management.

Daniel J. Caron, Ph.D.
Deputy Head and Librarian and Archivist of Canada

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