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Response of Library and Archives Canada to the Round IX
Management Accountability Framework
Action Plan 2012—2013

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Public Service Values

One of the main objectives of the Values and Ethics Code for the Public Service is to strengthen values-based leadership and to improve the quality of the working environment within the public service. Under the Code, Deputy Heads and their management teams are responsible for leadership and direction to actively encouraging and authenticating the public service's values and ethics in their departments' culture, decision making, and management practices.

The evolution of LAC's Values and Ethics Initiative was shaped by a number of considerations, such as the nature of the organization and its relatively small size. The creation of a formal Values and Ethics Program was not considered necessary; instead the organization chose a more flexible approach based on leadership and dialogue.

Ethical issues are dealt with as needed, so they can be addressed promptly and adequately. In addition, LAC has a unique organizational culture based on the strong ethics of its professional communities, each of which has its own code of conduct. This factor further strengthens the cultural integrity of the public service created by TBS policies and procedures.

Area of Management (AoM) TBS evaluation
Values-based Leadership and Organizational Culture (AoM 1) Opportunity for Improvement

TBS Recommendations:

  • LAC could use various tools (surveys, statistics, etc.) to further examine results obtained since the first efforts were made in the area of values and ethics and the impact of this infrastructure on employees.
  • It would be to LAC's advantage to provide more evidence that managers and employees are applying values and ethical principles in their daily work.
  • LAC should examine in more detail the parts of the 2011 Public Service Employee Survey on which it received lower ratings and undertake activities to solve these problems.

LAC Action Plan:

  1. LAC will examine the possibility of building an online tool to consult employees on different values and ethics issues.
  2. LAC will adopt the format of the TBS Public Sector Code of Conduct and will supplement it if needed with an implementation guide and/or directives relevant to the operational context of the institution.
  3. LAC will implement the TBS Conflict of Interest Policy, adopt the format established by TBS and develop its own conflict of interest cases.

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