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Response of Library and Archives Canada to the Round IX
Management Accountability Framework
Action Plan 2012—2013

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Governance and Strategic Directions

The Government of Canada's strategic direction is to provide Members of Parliament and the public with relevant, accurate, consolidated and timely information on how taxpayers' money is spent on achieving results for Canadians.

In 2011–12, LAC revised its Program Activity Architecture (PAA) and Performance Measurement Framework (PMF) in order to achieve the results of the Government of Canada's policies, programs and services. Last December, LAC also simplified its governance structure to support effective and informed decision making.

This year, LAC will modify its PMF again to comply with modifications made to the Policy on Management, Resources and Results Structures, revise its PAA to integrate the decisions in the last federal budget and the effects of implementing the Deficit Reduction Action Plan and also ensure that the governance terms of reference are aligned with its new organizational model implemented in 2011–12. Finally, LAC will communicate its broad strategic directions and key activities in its 2012–15 business plan.

Area of Management TBS evaluation
Managing for Results (AoM 2) Acceptable
Governance and Planning (AoM 3) Acceptable

TBS Recommendations:

Managing for Results

AoM was not assessed on this AoM this year. Therefore, the rating is carried over from the last year that AoM was assessed on this AoM.

Governance and Planning

AoM 3 was not assessed in the current Round as it is assessed on a rotational basis. Therefore, the rating is carried over from the last Round that LAC was assessed on this AoM. However, LAC will continue to make progress in this area in 2012–13.

LAC Action Plan:

Managing for Results

  1. LAC will modify its PMF in compliance with the requirements of the Policy on Management, Resources and Results Structures.
  2. LAC will undertake a review of its PAA and the associated descriptions.
  3. LAC will integrate audit and assessment reports into its 2011–12 Departmental Performance Report.

Governance and Planning

  1. LAC will review the terms of reference of its governance to ensure compliance with its new organizational model.
  2. LAC will finalize and communicate its business plan.

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