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Response of Library and Archives Canada to the Round IX
Management Accountability Framework
Action Plan 2012—2013

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Results and Performance

Within the Government of Canada, assessment consists of systematically collecting and analyzing relevant data on the results of programs in order to assess their relevance and performance and to find, if necessary, better delivery methods to obtain the same results.

LAC gives great importance to management based on measurable results meeting previously defined objectives and targets based on the organization's mandate, activities and services.

In order to optimize the use of resources for its programs in a context of transparency, accountability and flexibility, LAC ensures that it has the means to attain the desired results. The selected orientations and multi-year objectives are consistent with the directions and financial framework.

Area of Management TBS evaluation
Quality and Use of Evaluation (AoM 6) Strong

TBS Recommendations:

  • LAC is encouraged to continue its efforts to meet the requirement of presenting efficiency and economy measures in its assessments.

LAC Action Plan:

To comply with TBS's assessment policy:

  1. The Audit and Evaluation Branch will recommend to the Evaluation Committee and the Deputy Head that they support immediate implementation of the appropriate methodology to identify performance measures for each PAA program in order to be able to measure and ultimately demonstrate the savings and efficiency of programs based on outputs and resource costs. Once approval is received, the Audit and Evaluation Branch will work in collaboration with the Finance Division and the Strategic Planning and Infrastructure Management Branch to develop and implement this methodology.

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