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Response of Library and Archives Canada to the Round IX
Management Accountability Framework
Action Plan 2012—2013

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Effective human resources (HR) planning forms the basis of aligning human resources and is used to understand the organization's current and future business needs.

LAC depends to a great extent on the skills, energy and commitment of its people. Consequently, in order to attract and retain highly qualified personnel, LAC must be able to provide a working environment that not only fosters employee development but also maximizes their opportunities to achieve the organization's goals. LAC recognizes the importance of individual contributions and the resulting obligation to provide all employees with a safe, stimulating, and constructive work environment.

LAC is committed to providing a corporate approach to managing its people by:

  • Providing a clear strategic approach to workforce management;
  • Supporting processes and practices that recognize and reward excellence in its people and value their contributions;
  • Promoting leadership and mentorship among managers in order to support them in effectively managing their employees; and
  • Ensuring constant application of human resources policies and practices that promote transparency, honesty and fairness in personnel management.
Area of Management TBS evaluation
Excellence in People Management (AoM 10) Acceptable

TBS Recommendations:

  • LAC is encouraged to improve performance management and talent management.
  • LAC is encouraged to continue its efforts to strengthen its leadership.
  • As for employment equity, LAC could also benefit from improved representation of Aboriginal persons and visible minorities and an improved promotion rate for handicapped persons.

LAC Action Plan:

  1. LAC will develop and begin implementing the 2011 Public Service Employee Survey Action Plan, which will be part of the 2012–14 HR Plan.
  2. LAC will increase employment equity awareness in order to dispel some myths and improve representation within the organization.
  3. LAC will continue its efforts to settle cases of long-term acting appointments.
  4. LAC will extend the Talent Management Program to the EX-01 to EX-03 community.
  5. LAC will create an Employee Engagement Working Group to draft recommendations to increase employees' confidence in senior management and their engagement toward LAC's priorities
  6. LAC will begin implementing the Common Human Resources Business Process Action Plan, which will be part of the 2012–14 HR Plan.

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