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Organizational Structure

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Image of the organizational structure for Library and Archives Canada

Librarian and Archivist of Canada

  • Corporate Secretary

  • Core Business Functions - Acquisitions:
  • Assistant Deputy Minister, Acquisitions
    • Senior Director General, Stakeholder Relations
    • Director General, Government Records
    • Director General, Canadian Archives & Special Collections
    • Director General, Published Heritage
  • Core Business Functions - Collections Management:
  • Assistant Deputy Minister, Collections Management
    • Director General, Analog Preservation
    • Director General, Digital Preservation
    • Director, IT
  • Core Business Functions - Resource Discovery:
  • Assistant Deputy Minister, Resource Discovery
    • Senior Director General, Business Integration
    • Director General, Services
    • Director General, Programs
  • Enabling Functions:
  • Senior Director General, Corporate Resourcing
    • Director General, Human Resources
    • Director, Finance
    • Manager, Corporate Security Services
    • Manager, Property Management
    • Manager, Strategic Accommodations
    • Manager, Procurement
  • Director General, Communications
    • Director. Strategic Communications
    • Director, Strategic Research
  • Internal Audit Executive