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Response of Library and Archives Canada to the Round VII Management Accountability Framework
Action Plan 2010-2011

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Governance and Strategic Directions

The Government of Canada would like to see that "the essential conditions internal coherence, corporate discipline and alignment to outcomes are in place for providing effective strategic direction, support to the Minister and Parliament, and the delivery of results."

When it comes to meeting TBS expectations for governance and strategic directions, some factors, in particular LAC's mandate and size make the institution's situation very different from that of larger government departments. As a result, LAC faces specific challenges. Among other things, a number of LAC programs are based on activities that do not correspond to the TBS definition of a program. This creates a major challenge for LAC when it is time to define its activities and associate them with strategic outcomes. It is in this context that LAC needs to harmonize and modernize its activities and structure in the way most likely to achieve the outcomes desired by the Government of Canada for the policies, programs and services it finances.

In 2009–2010, LAC developed an integrated operational plan, which provides the priorities, plans, and associated resource allocations for the various business and functional areas. Appropriate tools have been developed to help the organization with the operational planning process. The corporate governance structure is stable and provides adequate management oversight.

Area of Management TBS evaluation
2. Utility of the Corporate Performance Framework Opportunity for Improvement
3. Effectiveness of the Corporate Management Structure Acceptable
4. Effectiveness of Organizational Contribution to Government-Wide Priorities Acceptable

TBS Recommendations:

Utility of the Corporate Performance Framework

  • The strategic outcome and Program Activity Architecture (PAA) should be better articulated and the organization should continue to review its Performance Measurement Framework (PMF) to ensure that all of the programs identified in its PAA are consistent with the Policy on Management, Resources and Results Structure.
  • The developed inventory of programs needs to be reviewed because many listed programs in the PAA do not meet the definition of a program but appear to be activities.
  • Many performance indicators should be clearer because they cannot be used for data collection to provide reliable insight into program effectiveness. They should clearly indicate how progress towards the expected result will be measured.
  • Many targets should be stated appropriately as a performance level on the indicator.

Effectiveness of the Corporate Management Structure

  • The corporate governance structure should be improved through streamlining.
  • LAC should restructure and improve its governance structure to be more effective and cohesively aligned with its PAA.

Effectiveness of Organizational Contribution to Government-Wide Priorities

  • Not evaluated in Round VII.

LAC Action Plan:

Utility of the Corporate Performance Framework

In order to improve its corporate performance framework, this year LAC will complete the following steps:

  1. LAC will complete the revision of its PAA and seek TBS approval. The new structure will be in place for 2011–12.
  2. Following the approval of the new PAA, the Business Integration Office and Finance will organize targeted awareness sessions to ensure the appropriate use of the new structure throughout LAC processes.
  3. LAC will continue to improve its PMF and revisit the methodologies used to gather performance data. The revision of LAC Results-Based Management and Accountability Framework (RMAF) and the improvement to the PMF will be done at the same time to ensure relevance and limit the number of indicators that needs to be collected.

Effectiveness of the Corporate Management Structure

LAC will revise its governance structure in detail and the following actions will be completed:

  1. Conduct a series of consultations with Management Board members to seek guidance about the general alignment and type of governance structure required to attain LAC's new strategic objectives (August 2010).
  2. Perform a strategic review of all committees within LAC and assess their mandate, relevance, and benefits (September 2010).
  3. Create a cross-functional advisory working group to provide recommendations for the development of the new governance structure and alignment with PAA (October 2010).

Web of Rules

  1. LAC will complete and approve a Multi-Institutional Disposition Authority for Transitory Records.

Public Service Renewal

  1. LAC will establish a process to measure its performance against Human Resources service standards.
  2. Lac will hire post-secondary graduates using the student bridging mechanism as much as possible and external advertised collective staffing processes.
  3. LAC will build, manage and maintain a high performance workforce through the executive mobility exercise.

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