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Response of Library and Archives Canada to the Round VIII Management Accountability Framework
Action Plan 2011—2012

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Message from the Deputy Head and Librarian and Archivist of Canada

This core of Library and Archives Canada (LAC) activities is to ensure that the best possible account of Canadian life is captured through acquiring, preserving and making available essential documentary heritage to Canadians. Over the past few years, LAC has made significant progress on a number of key initiatives.

This progress has been achieved during a time in which the information landscape has changed substantially as a result of an overabundance of information-its rapid creation, sharing and remixing by individuals, multiple formats, unprecedented access, and an ever-present and expanding user influence. To respond to this new environment and meet the challenges of better serving Canadians in the 21st century, LAC has initiated a review of its business practices through a corporate-wide process of modernization.

In short, the defining concepts and principles for action found in LAC's business practices are transformed into the work processes referred to as the Modernization Innovation Initiatives (MII). The 12 MIIs include the core activities of human resources, information management, appraisal, resource discovery, holdings management, digital preservation, and stakeholder engagement.

Moreover, the Management Accountability Framework (MAF) establishes the elements that set out the Government of Canada's expectation for sound public service management. As well, the MAF serves as a benchmark to reinforce sound management practices, reflecting a government-wide focus on strengthening accountabilities and achieving results for Canadians. Consequently, the MAF is viewed as an essential management tool that can help guide and structure LAC's process of organizational change.

For the fiscal year 2011-2012, LAC will focus on the following MAF elements:

  • Area of Management 3: Governance and Planning-in particular that aspect of change management that ensures the alignment and integration of activities and resources in relation to LAC's modernization agenda.
  • Area of Management 8: Effective management of security issues concerning documentary heritage, personnel, information and assets that ensure the continuity of government operations and services.
  • Area of Management 12: Effective management of information to meet program and service outcomes, operational needs and accountability to support the organization's business strategy and government-wide objectives.

Daniel J. Caron, Ph.D.
Deputy Head and Librarian and Archivist of Canada

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