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Response of Library and Archives Canada to the Round VIII Management Accountability Framework
Action Plan 2011—2012

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Public Service Values

A new Values and Ethics Code for the Public Sector is being developed. It will reflect the public service values and ethics that have been in place for decades and will demonstrate that the Government of Canada is committed to a professional, non-partisan, highly ethical public service that Canadians can trust and respect.

The Code will clarify expected behaviors that correspond to public sector values and ethics, including respect for democracy, respect for people, integrity, stewardship and excellence.

LAC will continue its work to harmonize, to modernize, and to publicize these values that will guide the development of its own code contextualized to its environment. LAC promotes public service values to employees, fostering sound and exemplary management practices and encouraging respectful interpersonal relationships characterized by integrity.

Area of Management (AoM) TBS evaluation
Values-based Leadership and Organizational Culture (AoM 1) Acceptable

TBS Recommendations:

  • LAC should continue to put in place many activities on values and ethics across the organization.
  • LAC should identify ethical risks related to its business and mandate. A risk-assessment exercise could be used for the development of LAC's Code of Conduct.
  • LAC could make use of tools developed by other federal organizations as some ethical risks are common and could be tailored to LAC's environment.
  • LAC should demonstrate that it practices continuous improvement in the area of values and ethics and that lessons learned are communicated throughout the organization.
  • LAC should take values and ethics into consideration more in its planning exercises.

LAC Action Plan:

  1. Launch of the new Federal Public Sector Code of Conduct.
  2. LAC will develop an implementation strategy adapted to LAC's environment.
  3. LAC will present the Code to LAC Management Board (MB) and Management Forum.
  4. LAC will develop and implement a communication strategy.
  5. LAC will develop conflict of interest cases for use in training LAC professional communities.
  6. LAC will explore options for developing a statement of organizational values:
    • Consultation with relevant stakeholders
    • Proposal submission to Human Resources (HR) Committee and MB
  7. LAC will implement values and ethics leadership activities for all levels of management:
    • Discussions with management will be led by a senior official

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