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Response of Library and Archives Canada to the Round VIII Management Accountability Framework
Action Plan 2011—2012

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Governance and Strategic Directions

The Government of Canada wants to see that "the essential conditions for internal coherence, corporate discipline and alignment to outcomes are in place for providing effective strategic direction, support to the Minister and Parliament, and the delivery of results."

When it comes to meeting Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) expectations for governance and strategic directions, some factors, in particular LAC's mandate, modernization activities and size, make the institution's situation very different from that of larger government departments. As a result, LAC faces specific challenges. Among other things, a number of LAC programs are based on activities that do not correspond to the TBS definition of a program. This creates a major challenge for LAC when it comes to defining its activities and associating them with the strategic outcomes (SO). In the context of the policy on Management Resources and Results Structure (MRRS), LAC has modified its Program Activity Architecture (PAA), its governance and its Performance Management Framework in 2010-2011 to better harmonize and modernize its activities and structure in a way that is most likely to achieve the outcomes of the policies, programs and services of the Government of Canada. LAC's objective is to make use of MRRS information to support planning and decision making.

Area of Management TBS evaluation
Managing for Results (AoM 2) Acceptable
Governance and Planning (AoM 3) Acceptable

TBS Recommendations:

Managing for Results

  • LAC is encouraged to continue working with the TBS to further refine its SO and PAA. The organization could better align its PAA programs to achieving the SO.
  • LAC is also encouraged to refine its PMF: expected results, performance indicators and targets should be provided for all of the organization's programs in the correct format.
  • LAC should collect and use MRRS information to support planning and decision making.
  • LAC should use results from audits or evaluations to substantiate performance claims throughout the Departmental Performance Report (DPR).

Governance and Planning

The AoM 3 was not assessed in the current Round as it is assessed on a rotational basis. Therefore, the rating is carried over from the last Round that LAC was assessed on that AoM. TBS recommendations have been addressed in the 2010-2011 Action Plan. However, LAC will continue to make progress in this area in 2011-2012.

LAC Action Plan:

Managing for Results

  1. LAC will proceed in collaborating with the TBS to clarify its position and PAA according to TBS requirements.
  2. LAC will review and refine its PMF to reflect the modernization of the organization.
  3. LAC will develop a strategy to encourage the use of performance information.
  4. LAC will continue to use results, best practices and lessons learned from evaluations and audits to support the performance information reported throughout the DPR.

Governance and Planning

  1. LAC will communicate the new Governance Structure internally and post it on the intranet.
  2. LAC will review the Major Appraisal Committee terms of reference.
  3. LAC will inform the TBS of structure changes through the MRRS update process.
  4. LAC will integrate specific activities related to change management into its HR Plan.
  5. LAC will monitor change management culture within the institution.
  6. LAC will offer training on change management to managers and employees.

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