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Response of Library and Archives Canada to the Round VIII Management Accountability Framework
Action Plan 2011—2012

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Citizen-focused Service

Since the Results for Canadians report in 2000, the Government of Canada expects that "Services are citizen-centred, policies and programs are developed from the 'outside in' and partnerships are encouraged and effectively managed."

With respect to this component, LAC has developed a new and forward-looking vision for providing Canadians with access to their documentary heritage that is client-centered, dynamic and focussed on excellence. LAC is looking at ways to align its work to deliver on that vision so that, through working with the public, users, stakeholders and staff, it can design services and products that are as responsive and relevant as possible to the different needs of Canadians across the country.

A major part of LAC's vision is to position resource discovery—also known as access—in the digital reality. In today's environment, Canadians expect to have access to everything, at all times, and everywhere. LAC is no longer limited to providing long-established services to a traditional clientele and must better pinpoint the needs of Canadians in the area of documentary heritage. In a changing and increasingly demanding environment, no one institution can serve the comprehensive requirements of documentary heritage in the areas of acquisition, preservation and resource discovery. Therefore, LAC will no longer carry out its mission independently, but will rely on collaborative agreements and create more partnerships to do so. To support this reality LAC will develop a new service delivery model and seek input and feedback from its current and potential users and stakeholders.

Area of Management TBS evaluation
Citizen-focused Service (AoM 4) Acceptable

The AoM 4 was not assessed in the current Round as it is assessed on a rotational basis. Therefore, the rating is carried over from the last Round that LAC was assessed on that AoM. All recommendations have been taken into consideration and actions have been completed. LAC will, however, continue to modernize its services to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

LAC Action Plan:

  1. LAC has increased the targets for client satisfaction for in-person, mail (electronic and regular), and online services by 5 percent and will track progress and actively monitor its performance during 2011-2012.
  2. LAC will introduce a Client Service Charter that will ensure a consistent service approach across all communication channels, with established standards that are clearly and simply stated.
  3. LAC will implement standardized Web survey modules, which will allow clients to provide feedback on services to the public through a user-friendly Web portal.
  4. LAC will develop a new service delivery model and seek input and feedback from its current and potential clients.
  5. LAC will seek input and feedback on its services from current and potential clients through a creative, dynamic and adaptive approach by its external advisory capacity.
  6. LAC will share the results of the surveys annually (on-site survey) and semi-annually (survey at a distance) with staff and LAC consultative bodies, i.e., stakeholders.
  7. Benchmarking with similar institutions will be done through the Institute for Citizen-Centred Studies, if funding is available.

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