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Response of Library and Archives Canada to the Round VIII Management Accountability Framework
Action Plan 2011—2012

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Results and Performance

The Government of Canada wants to ensure that "relevant information on results (internal, services and programs) is gathered and used to make departmental decisions, and that public reporting is balanced, transparent, and easy to understand."

LAC places a high value on the thoroughness of its organizational reports. Relying on a sound PAA ensures that the content of the reports is aligned with the institution's activities and is easily understood. LAC will maintain the evaluation capacities it needs to obtain the essential data supporting its decisions and to carry out professional performance assessments of institutional policies and programs.

LAC has a solid foundation in place around the governance of its evaluation function and has invested resources in recent years to enhance the quality of performance data collected by the organization and/or its partners. The focus will be to ensure that the efficiency and the effectiveness of LAC activities are evaluated.

Area of Management TBS evaluation
Quality and Use of Evaluation (AoM 6) Strong

TBS Recommendations:

  • Some elements could be improved in future reports, such as adding a specific limitation section and addressing efficiency and economy more fully.
  • The report would have been further improved with a formal limitation section in addition to highlighting the impact on the report and providing mitigating strategies for the limitations.

LAC Action Plan:

LAC will implement financial data gathering within the institution to ensure that the efficiency and the effectiveness of programs is evaluated during the next evaluation cycle via the following actions:

  1. The Evaluation Committee will determine the approach to introduce relevant data gathering about input and output costs for each program activity.
  2. Once the approach is defined, a methodology and tools will be developed and meetings will take place between the Evaluation Committee and Finance Division to ensure that the efficiency and effectiveness of LAC programs are evaluated.

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