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Response of Library and Archives Canada to the Round VIII Management Accountability Framework
Action Plan 2011—2012

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As indicated in the MAF, the Government of Canada wishes to ensure that each "department has the people, work environment and focus on building capacity and leadership to assure its success and a confident future for the Public Service of Canada."

The increasing emphasis on professional competencies within the Government of Canada, the convergence of skills in the context of contemporary information technology (IT) and the evolution of library, archives and information specializations within academic institutions are issues and environmental factors that informed the institution's need to implement workforce and engagement strategies for employees.

In particular, the workforce strategy will support and enable the implementation of LAC's Modernization Innovation Initiatives (MII). LAC's engagement strategy is in part the product of a strong workforce strategy. It will be the long-term result of concrete actions that managers take in day-to-day operations, such as transparent decision making, consistent internal communications and sincere efforts to ensure that employees feel valued and empowered. Both strategies will support the goals and objectives of the MIIs by focussing attention on the important people issues within the organization. The future success of LAC depends significantly on the skills, energy and commitment of its people. Consequently, the institution must attract, develop and retain employees of the highest quality and provide a working environment that will allow employees to maximize their contribution to the achievement of the institution's goals.

LAC received an overall score of 62.4 and a rating of "acceptable" as a result of the rating scale in the AoM for People Management. In the previous Round, LAC's performance was also rated "acceptable" for AoM 10. Direct comparisons with last year cannot be made, as the AoM for People Management (10) and the performance measures have changed.

Area of Management TBS evaluation
Excellence in People Management (AoM 10) Acceptable

TBS Recommendations:

  • LAC should increase the total amount of money spent on training and educational services.
  • LAC should improve Workload and Workforce Planning Effectiveness.
  • LAC should also improve in demonstrating the results/outcomes of its Public Service Employee Survey (PSES) Action Plan and in addressing HR-specific issues, executive churn and performance management process participation rate.
  • LAC should increase performance management process and reduce long-term assignments.
  • LAC should re-evaluate its resource allocation to succeed in attracting, developing and retaining its employees.
  • With respect to Employment Equity, LAC could improve the representation of visible minorities and promotion of women.

LAC Action Plan:

  1. LAC will develop and implement a Training Request Web Application to facilitate the approval process and to monitor employee learning and development activities, including the associated cost.
  2. LAC will identify critical positions and succession plans to maximize the use of employees and to address their career aspirations.
  3. LAC will develop the 2011 PSES Action Plan following the evaluation of the implementation of the 2008 activities to ensure continuous improvement.
  4. LAC will increase employment equity awareness to dispel some myths and improve representation within the organization.
  5. LAC will continue its efforts to stabilize long-term acting situations.

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