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MrSID Help


The first time you request an image, a copy of MrSID, a browser plug-in (helper) should be downloaded and installed automatically. Please note that depending on your Internet connection speed this process could take up to five minutes. This plug-in will allow you to view images, magnify portions of the images, print and save images as jpeg or bmp files. 

Should the automatic install of the plug-in not function with your browser or operating system, please download and install manually using the appropriate link below.

PC users:
Click on the button and follow the onscreen help. Link to: LIZARDTECH for PC


MAC users:
Click on the button and follow the onscreen help. Link to: LIZARDTECH for MAC

Should the manual process of installation not resolve the situation, please update your browser to an appropriate version (links below) or use the "without the plug-in" link found above each image.


Viewing Options 


Using the Toolbar

MrSID Toolbar Image

Toolbar navigation options are:

Zoom in  Click the point in your image that you want to zoom into.
Zoom out Click the point in your image that you want to zoom away from.

Select Zoom Drag to select the area of the image that you want to display in the viewing area.
Pan Click the hand and drag across your image to reposition it in the viewing area. Release the mouse button to refresh the newly positioned image.
Home Click to resize the image to its original dimensions, with the image fitting as closely as possible within the boundaries of the current frame size.
Other Options Access the options of the right-click menu.
Help Click to open the files of the Help system in a new browser window.

Zoom Level Indicator Click a bar to quickly zoom in and out of an image and indicate the image's position in the zoom sequence. The tallest bar indicates the highest magnification level; the shortest bar indicates the lowest.

Select a region to view

With Zoom In active, click and drag to select a region for viewing. A box outlines the selected area as you drag. When you release the tool, the selected region fills the viewing window.

Select a region - Demo


The right-click menu

Additional options are available by right-clicking within the viewing window.

Image of the MrSid right-click menu

  • Zoom In
  • Zoom Out
  • Select Zoom
  • Pan
  • Scale:

    Choose Scale to display a list of available detail levels. Click the detail level at which you would like to view your image.

  • Fit Image to Frame:
    Fit Image to Frame performs the same function as the Home tool, resizing the image to fit as closely as possible within the boundaries of the current frame size.
  • Frame Size:

    You have four predefined Frame sizes (in pixels) to choose from, as well as an option to define your own custom size. 

    Selecting Custom Size activates the Custom Size settings on the right side of the Frame Size dialog box. Type your desired values in the Width and Height boxes, both in pixels, with a minimum setting of 128. You can also use the arrows to modify the value in each field. Selecting the Change Both check box enables you to simultaneously change both the frame height and width, using either of the arrow controls. Click OK to accept your changes and display the new view or click Cancel to go back to the previous view.

    NOTE: The Frame Size option is available only to Internet Explorer users.
  • View in Frame:
    The current frame setting can be changed by toggling the View in Frame setting on or off.
  • Rotate Image:
    The Rotate Image command enables you to change the orientation of the image by selecting one of five options:
    Rotate 90 degrees
    Rotate 180 degrees 
    Rotate 270 degrees 
    Horizontal Flip
    Vertical Flip 
  • Save Image As:
    To save your image, choose Save Image As from the right-click menu to display the standard Save As dialog box. You can save only the currently visible portion of the image in JPEG (.jpg) or Windows bitmap (.bmp) format.
  • Print Image:
    Prints only the region of the image currently viewed in the Browser Plug-In. Images that are rotated on the screen print rotated.


Without the plug-in

As the title implies, this option allows access to the images without the need for the plug-in, but provides only basic functionality. This option is found on every image page.


Zoom in Click to zoom into the image.

Zoom out Click to zoom out of the image.

Move Left Click to move left from the present image.

Move Right Click to move right from the present image.

Move Up Click to move up from the present image.

Move Down Click to move down from the present image.

Centre Click to centre the present image.

© MrSID is a registered trademark of  LIZARDTECH