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Western Canada

Index of Bands in Western Canada


Bad Boy

Bad Head

Band A (Blackfoot) see Hind Bull (Blackfoot)

Band A (Blood) see Shot Both Sides

Band A (Peigan) see Peigan A

Band A (Sarcee) see Sarcee

Band A (Stony) see Bearspaw

Band B (Blood) see Running Crane

Band B (Peigan) see Peigan B

Band B (Sarcee) see Eagle Robe

Band B (Stony) see Wesley

Band C (Blackfoot) see Weasel Calf

Band C (Blood) see Young Pine

Band C (Peigan) see Peigan C

Band C (Sarcee) see Many Horses

Band C (Stony) see Chiniquay

Band D (Blackfoot) see Running Rabbit

Band D (Blood) see Eagle Head

Band D (Peigan) see Peigan D

Band D (Sarcee) see Painted Otter

Band E (Blackfoot) see Old Sun

Band E (Blood) see Weasel Fat

Band E (Peigan) see Peigan E

Band E (Sarcee) see Big Plume (Sarcee)

Band F (Blackfoot) see White Calf Robe

Band F (Blood) see Going to the Bear

Band F (Sarcee) see Big Wolf

Band G (Blackfoot) see Eagle Ribs

Band G (Blood) see One Spot

Band H (Blackfoot) see Medicine Shield

Band H (Blood) see Left Hand

Band I (Blackfoot) see Yellow Horse

Band I (Blood) see Running Wolf

Band J (Blackfoot) see Rabbit Carrier

Band J (Blood) see Hind Bull

Band K (Blackfoot) see Low Horn

Band K (Blood) see Little Ears

Band L (Blackfoot) see White Pup

Band L (Blood) see Strangling Wolf

Band M (Blackfoot) see Lone Chief

Band M (Blood) see Striped Dog

Band N (Blackfoot) see Running Marten

Band N (Blood) see Many White Horses

Band O (Blackfoot) see Big Plume (Blackfoot)

Band O (Blood) see Running Antelope

Band P (Blackfoot) see White Eagle

Band P (Blood) see Calf Shirt

Band Q (Blackfoot) see Running Away Buffalo

Band Q (Blood) see Bull Shield

Band R (Blackfoot) see Many Shots At

Band R (Blood) see Heavy Shield

Band S (Blood) see White Calf

Band T (Blood) see Stolen Person

Band U (Blood) see Eagle Shoe

Band V (Blood) see Bull Horn

Band Y (Blackfoot) see Bad Boy

Baptiste Mowais see Keeseekoose

Barren Lands

Barrier Land see Barren Lands

Bear Child see Yellow Horse

Bear Shield see Yellow Horse

Bear's Ears see Wahsatenow

Bear's Head see Grizzly Bear's Head

Bear's Paw see Bearspaw


Beardy & Okemasis


Beaver & Gde Prairie (Horse Lake & Clear Hills) see Beaver, Horse Lake & Clear Hills

Beaver Hill see Stragglers, Beaver Hill

Beaver Hill Lake Indians see Stragglers, Beaver Hill

Beaver Hill Stragglers see Stragglers, Beaver Hill

Beaver, Horse Lake & Clear Hills

Beaver Lake

Beaver Ranch see Fort Vermilion (Tallcree)

Beavers of Fort St John see Fort St John Beavers

Berens River

Big Bear

Big Eddy see The Pas

Big Grand Rapids see Grand Rapids

Big Head

Big Head see White Pup

Big Head see also Chakastapasin

Big Island see Hollow Water

Big Lake see Aishihik

Big Plume see Big Plume (Sarcee)

Big Plume see Big Plume (Blackfoot)

Big Plume (Blackfoot)

Big Plume (Sarcee)

Big River see Kinematoyo

Big Salmon

Big Salmon River see Big Salmon

Big Swan see Peigan C

Big Wolf

Bigstone see Wabasca

Birch River

Bird Forever see Fort Alexander

Bird Tail Creek see Birdtail Creek

Birdtail Creek

Bittern Lake see Lac la Ronge

Black Elk

Black River see Little Black River


Blackfoot Crossing see Blackfoot

Blackfoot Old Woman see Weasel Fat



Blood Vein River see Bloodvein


Bloodvein & Loon Straits see Bloodvein

Bloodvein River see Bloodvein

Blue Quills see Blue Quill

Blue Quill

Blueberry River see Fort St John Beavers


Bobtail see Bobtail

Boyer River

Broken Fingers see Ebb & Flow

Broken Head River see Brokenhead

Broken Head River, Christian see Brokenhead

Broken Head River, Heathen see Brokenhead


Brownvale see Duncan


Buck Elk see Running Marten

Buck Lake

Buck Running Rabbit see Running Away Buffalo

Buffalo Bay

Buffalo Point see Buffalo Bay

Bull Back Fat see Little Ears

Bull Elk see Running Marten

Bull Head see Sarcee

Bull Horn

Bull Shield

Bull Turn Round see Running Antelope

Bull Turning Around see Running Antelope

Bull Turning Round see Running Antelope

Bull's Head see Sarcee

Bullen Chief see Calf Shirt

Burwash Landing

Butte see Brute

Button Chief see Calf Shirt