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Western Canada

Index of Bands in Western Canada


Calf Robe see White Calf Robe

Calf Shirt

Calftail see Bull Horn

Calling Lake see Gamblers

Canah Hachapeu, Ready Bow see Peepeekisis

Canahachapew see Peepeekisis

Canahachapow see Peepeekisis

Cannachappo see Peepeekisis

Canoe Lake

Capayaquakoonums see One Arrow

Captain see Sturgeon Lake

Captive Person see Stolen Person


Carcross, Mission School see Carcross

Caribou Crossing see Carcross


Carmacks & Little Salmon see Carmacks

Carry Kettle see Carry the Kettle

Carry the Kettle


Casca, McDames Creek see Casca

Cathisthawayskum see Alexander

Cawacatoos see Poor Man

Cawacatoose see Poor Man

Chacachas see Chakachas

Chakacha see Chakachas



Chakastapasis see Chakastapasin

Chakastapayin see Chakastapasin

Chakastapaysin see Chakastapasin

Chakastipasin see Chakastapasin

Chakistapaysins see Chakastapasin

Chakuk see Muscowpetung


Champagne Landing see Champagne

Champagne Landing, Hootchi see Champagne

Chapo Mexico see Crowfoot

Chapoostiquhan see Sharphead

Charles Wastaleloot see York Factory

Cheecucks see Muscowpetung

Cheecuks see Muscowpetung

Cheepoosteekwahn see Sharphead

Cheepoosteequahn see Sharphead

Cheepoostequahn see Sharphead

Cheepoostequan see Sharphead

Cheepoostikwahn see Sharphead

Chekastapasin see Chakastapasin

Chekastapaysin see Chakastapasin

Chekastaypasin see Chakastapasin

Chekastaypaysin see Chakastapasin


Cheneka see Chiniquay

Chenneka see Chiniquay

Chennekas see Chiniquay

Chepasstequahu see Sharphead

Chepoosteequahan see Sharphead

Chepoostekwahn see Sharphead

Chepoostequahn see Sharphead

Chikastaypasin see Chakastapasin

Child Lake see Boyer River

Chimawawin see Chemawawin


Chiniquy see Chiniquay

Chinniquy see Chiniquay

Chipeewayan see Young Chipewyan

Chipewyan see Young Chipewyan

Chipewyan (Fitz/Smith)

Chipewyan (Fort Chipewyan)

Chipewyan no. 136 see Passpasschase

Chipewyan no. 167 see Heart Lake

Chipewyan, Fond du Lac see Maurice

Chipewyan, Lac la Biche see Heart Lake

Chippewayan see Cold Lake

Chitek Lake see Pelican Lake


Clear Hills see Beaver, Horse Lake & Clear Hills

Clear Lake see Peter Pond Lake

Clearwater Lake see Keeseekoowenin

Clearwater Reserve see Fort McKay

Coffee Creek

Cold Lake

Comees see Cowessess


Cow wecess see Cowessess

Cow weecess see Cowessess

Cow'ess see Cowessess

Coweses see Cowessess

Cowesis see Cowessess


Crane River


Cree (Fort Chipewyan)

Cree Chipewyan & Straggler see Fort McKay

Cree Fort Vermilion see Fort Vermilion (Tallcree)

Cree, Stragglers

Cree Vermilion see Fort Vermilion (Tallcree)

Cree-Chipewyan see Fort McKay

Cree-Chipewyan see Cree Chipewyan (Fort McMurray)

Cree-Chipewyan (Fort McMurray) see Fort McKay

Cree-Chipewyan (Fort McMurray) see Cree Chipewyan (Fort McMurray)

Cree-Chipewyan (Fort McMurray)

Cree-Chipewyan, Anzac see Fort McKay

Cree-Chipewyan, Anzac see Cree Chipewyan (Fort McMurray)

Cree-Chipewyan, Fort McKay & Fort McMurray see Fort McKay

Cree-Chipewyan, Fort McKay & Fort McMurray see Cree Chipewyan (Fort McMurray)

Cree-Chipewyan, McMurray see Fort McKay

Cree-Chipewyan, McMurray see Cree Chipewyan (Fort McMurray)

Crop Ear Wolf see Shot Both Sides

Crop Eared Wolf see Shot Both Sides

Cross Lake

Croup de Pheasant see Pheasant Rump

Crow Eagle see Peigan E

Crow Shoe see Peigan A



Cumberland see also Cumberland House

Cumberland House

Cut Arm see seekaskootch