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Western Canada

Index of Bands in Western Canada


Daniel Meswakun see Cross Lake

David Rundle see Fisher River


Day Chief see Running Antelope

Day Light see Running Antelope

Day Star

Deer Lake

Deer's Lake East see Deer Lake

Dog Head see Island Bands

Dog Rib, Fort Resolution see Yellowknife "B"

Dog Rib Rae

Doig River see Fort St John Beavers

Donald William Sinclair see Cross Lake

Drift Pile River see Driftpile


Drums see Big Plume (Sarcee)

Duck Bay see Pine Creek

Duck Lake Indians see Beardy or Okemasis or One Arrow

Duck River see Churchill


Duncan or Lansing Creek see Lancing Creek

Duncan Testawit see Duncan

Duncan Tustaoots see Duncan

Dunvegan see Beaver, Horse Lake & Clear Hills

Dunvegan & Grande Prairie see Beaver, Horse Lake & Clear Hills