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Western Canada

Index of Bands in Western Canada


E Au Hah see Little Montagne

Eagle see Eagle Ribs

Eagle see Valley River

Eagle Head

Eagle Hills see Red Pheasant

Eagle Rib see Eagle Ribs

Eagle Ribs

Eagle Ribs see Many White Horses

Eagle Robe

Eagle Robe see Eagle Robe

Eagle Shoe

Eagle Tail see Peigan A

Eagle Tail Feathers see Peigan A

Eagle White Calf see White Calf

East End Moberly Lake see Saulteaux (British Columbia)

Ebb & Flow

Ebb and Flow Lake see Ebb & Flow

Eepimikkahkeetoot see Young Chipewyan

Eepinikkahketoot see Young Chipewyan

Egg Lake see Blue Quill

Ekas Kine, Low Horn see Low Horn

Emitah Apiskinne, White Striped Dog see Striped Dog

English River


Enoch la Potac see Enoch

Enoch la Potac see Enoch

Enoch Lepotac see Enoch

Ermine Horses see Weasel Fat

Ermine Skin see Ermineskin


Erminskin see Ermineskin

Erminskins see Ermineskin