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Western Canada

Index of Bands in Western Canada


Jaby Lalo see Fort McPherson

Jack see Carry the Kettle

Jack Assiniboine see Carry the Kettle

Jack Head see Jackhead

Jackfish Creek see Apischamoose

Jackfish Head see Jackhead


Jackhead River see Jackhead

Jacob see Wesley

Jacob Berens see Berens River

Jacob Big Stone see Wesley

Jacob Bigstony see Wesley

James Bird see Little Black River

James Roberts

James seenum

James Sinclair see Jackhead

James Smith


Janvier's Stragglers see Janvier

Jeremiah Chubb see Oxford House

John see Chiniquay

John Cochrane see Cumberland

John Constant see The Pas

John D'Or Prairie see Little Red River

John French see Churchill

John Iron see Canoe Lake