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Western Canada

Index of Bands in Western Canada


Kadominie see Turtle Mountain

Kahchetahwayscum see Alexander

Kahchetahwaysewins see Alexander

Kahchetahwayskums see Alexander

Kahchetahwayskun see Alexander

Kahkeesheway see Ochapowace

Kahkeewistahaw see Kahkewistahaw


Kahkuwastahaw see Kahkewistahaw

Kahmawiskahwasit see Beardy

Kahmawistahmasits see Beardy

Kahmawistahwassits see Beardy

Kahmeeyestoowaegs see Beardy

Kahmeeyistoowaysit see Beardy

Kahpay Yakwahskoomum see One Arrow

Kahpayatwaiskamum see One Arrow

Kahquanam see Beaver Lake

Kahquanum, Lac La Biche see Beaver Lake

Kahwahkahtoose see Poor Man

Kahwahkaloos see Poor Man

Kahwahkatoose see Poor Man

Kahwistahaw see Kahkewistahaw

Kake see Saddle Lake

Kakeenawup, One that Sits like an Eagle see Muscowequan

Kakeeshaway see Ochapowace

Kakeesheway see Ochapowace

Kakeewistahaw see Kahkewistahaw

Kakekapenais, Bird Forever see Fort Alexander

Kakesheways see Ochapowace

Kakewistahaw see Kahkewistahaw

Kakewistahow see Kahkewistahaw

Kakiisheway see Ochapowace

Kakiishiiways see Ochapowace

Kakiishiway, Loud Voice see Ochapowace

Kakiiwistahaw see Kahkewistahaw

Kakisheheway see Ochapowace

Kakishiway see Ochapowace

Kakuwistahaw see Kahkewistahaw

Kamihawachapaw see Peepeekisis

Kanacatoose, Poor Man see Poor Man

Kapahawakenum see Meadow Lake

Kapahawekeum see Meadow Lake

Kapahwasenum see Meadow Lake

Kapayahwaiskanum see One Arrow

Kapayahwawkanum see One Arrow

Kapayaquaskoonum see One Arrow

Kapwaywakenum see One Arrow

Kaquanum see Beaver Lake

Katahkakwanayaas see Water Hen

Katukepinais, Hardisty see Hollow water

Kawacatoose, Poor Man see Poor Man

Kawakatoo see Poor Man

Kawakatoose see Poor Man

Kaweyance, Little Boy see Cowessess

Kawezauce, Little Boy see Cowessess

Kawistahaw see Kahkewistahaw

Kaye Tapo, Going to Bear see Going to the Bear

Kayo Okosis, Bear Shield see Yellow Horse

Keapahawakenum see Meadow Lake


Keeheewins see Keeheewin

Keehewins see Keeheewin

Keemeemostayo see Kinematoyo

Keeneemootayo see Kinematoyo


Keenostayo see Keenoshayo

Keequanum see Beaver Lake

Keeseekon see Keeseekoose

Keeseekonse see Keeseekoose


Keeseekoose see Keeseekoose

Keeseekooweenin see Keeseekoowenin


Keeseekosswewin see Keeseekoowenin

Keeseekouse see Keeseekoose

Keeshekonse see Keeseekoose

Keeshikonse see Keeseekoose

Keesickooweenin see Keeseekoowenin

Keesickoowenin see Keeseekoowenin

Keesickouse see Keeseekoose

Keeskeecheechi see Alexis

Keetoowahaw see Muskeg Lake

Keetoowayhow see Muskeg Lake

Keeyewin see Keeheewin

Kehewin see Keeheewin

Kehiwin see Keeheewin

Kenamotargee see Kinematoyo

Kenematoyo see Kinematoyo

Kenemolayoo see Kinematoyo

Kenemosayoo see Kinematoyo

Kenemotagee see Kinematoyo

Kenemotay see Kinematoyo

Kenemotayee see Kinematoyo

Kenemotayo see Kinematoyo

Kenemotayoo see Kinematoyo

Kennemotayo see Kinematoyo

Kennesayo see Keenoshayo

Kennoshayo see Keenoshayo

Kenomotripe see Montreal Lake

Kenomotripe see James Roberts

Kenoosayoo see Cold Lake

Keskeemaquah, Short Bear see Long Plain

Kewetayash see Roseau River


Key at Shoal River see Shoal River

Kicheekahmenin see Red Ear

Kichikahmenin see Red Ear

Kichikahmewins see Red Ear

Kichikamewin see Red Ear

Kichipwot see Wesley

Kickekamewin see Red Ear

Kickikahmenin see Red Ear

Kickikamewin see Red Ear

Kihiwin see Keeheewin

Kiishekonse see Keeseekoose

Kiishiikonse see Keeseekoose

Kiishikonse see Keeseekoose

Kiishikouse see Keeseekoose

Kiisicawahchuck see Day Star

Kinematayo see Kinematoyo



Kinnoosayo see Cold Lake

Kinnoosayoo see Cold Lake

Kinnosayo see Keenoshayo

Kinnosayo see Cold Lake

Kinnosayo see Driftpile

Kinnosayo, Grouard see Grouard

Kinnosayoo see Cold Lake

Kinnosayoo, Frog Lake see Cold Lake

Kinoosao see Cold Lake

Kinoosaoo see Cold Lake

Kinoosayoo see Cold Lake

Kinosayo see Cold Lake

Kinosayo see Keenoshayo

Kishiikonse see Keeseekoose

Kishikonse see Keeseekoose

Kisickouse see Keeseekoose

Kiskaquin see Bobtail

Kiskeekahmenum see Red Ear

Kissoum, Day Light see Running Antelope

Kitchikahmewin see Red Ear

Koniskwiskeekapoohoo, Tall Cree see Fort Vermilion (Tallcree)

Kopahawakemum see Meadow Lake

Kopahawakenum see Meadow Lake

Kopahawakenum, Green Lake see Meadow Lake

Kopahawekemum see Meadow Lake

Kopahawekenum see Meadow Lake

Kopwayawakenum see Meadow Lake

Kuiskuiskowcapohoo see Little Red River

Kuiskuiskowcapoohoo see Fort Vermilion (Tallcree)

Kuskeetewmuscoomusqua see Little Black Bear

Kusukoswims see Pine Creek