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Western Canada

Index of Bands in Western Canada


Labarge see Whitehorse

Laberge see Whitehorse

Lac des Iles see Joseph Bighead

Lac la Biche

Lac la Biche & Stragglers see Lac la Biche

Lac la Hache

Lac la Ronge

Lac la Rouge see Lac la Ronge

Lac Laberge see Whitehorse

Lac le Ronge see Lac la Ronge

La Corne see James Smith

La Croup de Pheasant see Pheasant Rump

Lake Labarge see Whitehorse

Lake Manitoba

Lake St Martin

Lake Wabascaw see Wabasca

Lancing Creek

Lansing Creek see Lancing Creek

La Pierre's House

Le Croup de Pheasant see Pheasant Rump

Le Croupe de Pheasant see Pheasant Rump

Lean Man

Leech Lake see Sakimay

Left Hand

Lesser Slave Lake see Keenoshayo

Liard & Francis Lake see Liard River

Liard of McDames Creek see Liard River

Liard River

Little Axe see White Pup

Little Bear see Montana

Little Black Bear

Little Black River

Little Bones see Ouchaness

Little Bones see also Sakimay

Little Boy see Cowessess

Little Chief see Saddle Lake

Little Child see Cowessess

Little Drums see Big Plume (Sarcee)

Little Ears

Little Ears & Bull Back Fat see Little Ears

Little Grand Rapids

Little Hunter see Saddle Lake

Little Island Lake see Island Lake

Little Montagne

Little Mountain see Little Montagne

Little Pine

Little Red River

Little Salmon

Little Saskatchewan

Livingstone Creek

Lizard Point see Gamblers

Lone Chief

Long Lodge

Long Plain (Ojibway)

Long Plain Sioux

Loon Lake

Loon Skin Cap see Loonskin

Loon Straits


Loucheux no. 6 see Arctic Red River

Loucheux no. 7 see Fort McPherson

Loud Voice see Ochapowace

Louis Bull

Low Horn

Low Horse see Low Horn

Lower Pelly see Fort Selkirk

Lubicon Lake

Lucky Man