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Western Canada

Index of Bands in Western Canada


Pacan see Saddle Lake

Padamonee see Turtle Mountain

Pahspahschase see Passpasschase

Painted Otter

Pakan see Saddle Lake

Papakeesis see Peepeekisis

Papaway, Lucky Man see Lucky Man

Papeekeesis see Peepeekisis

Pas Mountain


Pasquah see Pasqua

Pasquatis see Pasqua


Passpasschasis see Passpasschase

Passpasstayo see Passpasschase


Paul see Arctic Red River

Paul Lafoin see Fort Providence

Payasis see Lac la Biche

Payaysee see Lac la Biche

Payepot see Piapot

Paymeetayahsoo see Paymootayahsoo


Paymootayahsoo see Paymootayahsoo

Paymotayahsoo see Paymootayahsoo

Peace River Crossing see Duncan

Peace River Landing see Duncan

Peapot see Piapot

Peaypot see Piapot

Peaysides see Lac la Biche

Peaysis see Lac la Biche

Pecan see Saddle Lake

Peeaysees see Lac la Biche

Peeaysis see Lac la Biche

Peegasis see Lac la Biche

Peel River

Peenaysis see Lac la Biche


Peepeekeesis see Peepeekisis

Peepeekesis see Peepeekisis

Peewahnoowenan see Poplar River

Peewahrooweenin see Poplar River

Peewaysis see Lac la Biche

Peeyaheekahmuhkoosit see Red Pheasant

Peeyahnkahmukoosits see Red Pheasant

Peeyahnkahnickkoosit see Red Pheasant

Peeyahwkahmikoosit see Red Pheasant

Peeyahwkahnukoosit see Red Pheasant

Peeyaseewahkahwechahkoot see Thunder Companion

Peeyaseewahkahweechakoot see Thunder Companion

Peeyasiis, Lac la Biche see Lac la Biche

Peeyawkahmihkasit see Red Pheasant

Peeyawkahnuhkasit see Red Pheasant

Peeyawkaniikasit see Red Pheasant

Peeyaysee Awasis see Thunderchild

Peeyaysees see Lac la Biche

Peeyee Eewahahweechaykoot see Thunder Companion

Peeyeseewahkahweechaykoots see Thunder Companion

Peeyeseewaykahweechaykoots see Thunder Companion

Peeyeseewaykahweechayhoot see Thunder Companion


Peguis (Provincial White) see Peguis


Peigan A

Peigan B

Peigan C

Peigan D

Peigan E

Pekangecum see Pikangekum

Pekangekum see Pikangekum

Pelican Lake

Pelican Lake Indians see Kinematoyo

Pelican Narrows see Peter Ballantyne

Pelly Lakes see Ross River

Pembina see Roseau River

Pepekesis see Peepeekisis

Pequis see Peguis

Pesquah see Pasqua

Petaquakey see Muskeg Lake

Petequacay see Muskeg Lake

Petequakay see Muskeg Lake

Petequaquay see Muskeg Lake

Peter Ballantyne

Peter Ballenden see Peter Ballantyne

Peter Ballendine see Peter Ballantyne

Peter Beardy see Grand Rapids

Peter Chapman see Cumberland

Peter Murdo see Fisher River

Peter Pond Lake

Peter Watt see God's Lake

Petit Casimir see Barren Lands

Pettequakey see Muskeg Lake

Pettiquacky see Muskeg Lake

Peyaysees see Lac la Biche

Pheasant Rump


Piaypots see Piapot

Pieapot see Piapot

Piegan see Peigan

Piepot see Piapot

Pierre Squirrel see Chipewyan (Fitz/Smith)

Pigeon Lake see Louis Bull

Pigeon Lake see Sampson

Pigeon Lake see Ermineskin

Pikangekum see Pikangikum


Pine Creek

Pipestone Reserve see Oak Lake

Pisqua see Pasqua

Pisquah see Pasqua

Pitah Annes see Eagle Robe

Pitah Onistah see White Calf

Pitah Otiskin see Eagle Shoe

Pitah Pekis, Eagle Rib see Many White Horses

Pitah Siksinum, White Eagle see White Eagle

Pokapiw Otoian, Bad Head see Bad Head

Ponokah Stamix, Bull Elk see Running Marten


Poor Man

Poorman see Poor Man

Poplar River

Portage la Loche

Portage la Prairie see Long Plain

Pound Maker see Poundmaker


Prophet River see Siccani (Prophet River)

Providence see Fort Providence

Providence no. 1 Slaves see Fort Providence

Puascoos see Star Blanket

Pukitawagan see Mathias Colomb

Puska Ahgowins see Puskeahkeewenin


Puskeahkeewin see Puskeahkeewenin

Puskee Eekeeweeins see Puskeahkeewenin

Puskeeahkayweeins see Puskeahkeewenin

Puskeeahkeeweein see Puskeahkeewenin

Puskeeahkeewenin see Puskeahkeewenin

Puskeeahkeewin see Puskeahkeewenin

Puskeekeeheewin see Puskeahkeewenin

Puskeeyahkayweeyin see Puskeahkeewenin

Puskiaikiwenin see Puskeahkeewenin