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Western Canada

Index of Bands in Western Canada


Rabbit Carrier

Rae see Dog Rib Rae

Rain see Buck Lake

Rainy Chief see Young Pine

Rampart House

Rampart Post see Rampart House

Randall see Fisher River

Raphael Redchildge (sic) see Peter Pond Lake

Ready Bow see Peepeekisis

Ready Bow Man see Peepeekisis

Red Crow see Shot Both Sides

Red Ears

Red Earth

Red Pheasant

Red Pheasant see Red Pheasant

Red River see Little Red River

Reserve no. 036 see Buffalo Bay

Reserve no. 039 see Shoal Lake 39

Reserve no. 040 see Shoal Lake 40

Reserve no. 057 see Birdtail Creek

Reserve no. 058 see Oak River Sioux

Reserve no. 059 see Oak Lake Sioux

Reserve no. 060 see Turtle Mountain

Reserve no. 061 see Keeseekoowenin

Reserve no. 062 see Waywayseecappo

Reserve no. 062a see Valley River

Reserve no. 063 see Gamblers

Reserve no. 063a see Valley River

Reserve no. 064 see Coté

Reserve no. 065 see Key

Reserve no. 066 see Keeseekoose

Reserve no. 067 see Rolling River

Reserve no. 068 see Pheasant Rump

Reserve no. 069 see Ocean Man

Reserve no. 070 see White Bear

Reserve no. 071 see Ochapowace

Reserve no. 072 see Kahkewistahaw

Reserve no. 072a see Kahkewistahaw

Reserve no. 073 see Cowessess

Reserve no. 073a see Ouchaness

Reserve no. 074 see Sakimay

Reserve no. 074a see Sheshep

Reserve no. 075 see Piapot

Reserve no. 076 see Carry the Kettle

Reserve no. 077 see Carry the Kettle

Reserve no. 078a see Standing Buffalo

Reserve no. 079 see Pasquah

Reserve no. 080 see Muscowpetung

Reserve no. 081 see Peepeekisis

Reserve no. 082 see Okanese

Reserve no. 083 see Star Blanket

Reserve no. 084 see Little Black Bear

Reserve no. 085 see Muscowequan

Reserve no. 086 see Gordon

Reserve no. 087 see Day Star

Reserve no. 088 see Poor Man

Reserve no. 089 see Fishing Lake

Reserve no. 090 see Nut Lake

Reserve no. 091 see Kinistino

Reserve no. 094 see Moose Woods

Reserve no. 095 see One Arrow

Reserve no. 096 see Okemasis

Reserve no. 097 see Beardy

Reserve no. 098 see Chakastapasin

Reserve no. 099 see John Smith

Reserve no. 100 see James Smith

Reserve no. 100a see Cumberland

Reserve no. 100a see Big Head

Reserve no. 101 see Sturgeon Lake (William Twatt)

Reserve no. 102 see Muskeg Lake

Reserve no. 103 see Mistawasis

Reserve no. 104 see Sandy Lake

Reserve no. 105 see Meadow Lake

Reserve no. 106 see Montreal Lake

Reserve no. 106 see James Roberts

Reserve no. 106a see Montreal Lake

Reserve no. 107 see Young Chipewyan

Reserve no. 108 see Red Pheasant

Reserve no. 109 see Mosquito

Reserve no. 110 see Grizzly Bear's Head

Reserve no. 111 see Lean Man

Reserve no. 112 see Moosomin

Reserve no. 113 see Sweet Grass

Reserve no. 114 see Poundmaker

Reserve no. 115 see Thunderchild

Reserve no. 116 see Little Pine

Reserve no. 116 see Lucky Man

Reserve no. 117 see Witchekan Lake

Reserve no. 118 see Pelican Lake or Big Bear

Reserve no. 118 see Big Bear

Reserve no. 118 see Kinematoyo

Reserve no. 119 see seekaskootch or Sweetgrass

Reserve no. 120 see Weemistikooseahwasis

Reserve no. 121 see Frog Lake

Reserve no. 122 see Ooneepowhayo

Reserve no. 122 see Frog lake

Reserve no. 123 see Keeheewin

Reserve no. 124 see Cold Lake

Reserve no. 125 see Saddle Lake

Reserve no. 126 see Wahsatenow

Reserve no. 127 see Blue Quill

Reserve no. 128 see James Seenum

Reserve no. 129 see Lac la Biche

Reserve no. 130 see Heart Lake

Reserve no. 131 see Beaver Lake

Reserve no. 132 see Michel

Reserve no. 133 see Alexis

Reserve no. 133a see Paul

Reserve no. 134 see Alexander

Reserve no. 135 see Enoch

Reserve no. 136 see Passpasschase

Reserve no. 137 see Ermineskin

Reserve no. 138 see Samson

Reserve no. 139 see Montana

Reserve no. 140 see Louis Bull

Reserve no. 141 see Sharphead

Reserve no. 142 see Bearspaw & Chiniquay

Reserve no. 143 see Wesley

Reserve no. 145 see Sarcee

Reserve no. 146 see North & South Blackfoot Reserve

Reserve no. 147 see Peigan

Reserve no. 148 see Blood

Reserve no. 149 see Cold Lake

Reserve no. 162 see Little Red River

Reserve no. 163 see Fort Vermilion (Tallcree)

Reserve no. 164 see Boyer River

Reserve no. 164a see Boyer River

Reserve no. 165c see Canoe Lake

Reserve no. 167 see Heart Lake

Reserve no. 168 see Hudson's Hope

Reserve no. 168a see Hudson's Hope

Reserve no. 175 see Fort McKay

Reserve no. 176 see Fort McKay

Reserve no. 218 see Lac la Ronge

Resolution see Yellowknife "B"

Resolution see Yellowknife "A"

Resolution see Hay Lake & Upper Hay River

Resolution see Fort Resolution

Resolution "A" see Yellowknife "A"

Resolution "B" see Yellowknife "B"

Richard Woodhouse see Fairford

Riding Mountain see Pine Creek

Riding Mountain House see Pine Creek

Riviere qui Barre see Alexander

Robert Fiddler see Deer Lake

Rocky Mountain House see Saulteaux (British Columbia)

Rolling Hills see Blue Quill

Rolling River

Rolling Thompson see Beaver Lake

Roseau Rapids see Roseau River

Roseau River

Roseau River & Rapids see Roseau River

Ross River

Rosseau see Roseau River

Round Lake see Ochapowace

Round Plain see Wahpaton

Rousseau see Roseau River

Running Antelope

Running Away Buffalo

Running Crane

Running Marten

Running Rabbit

Running Rabbit see also Running Wolf (Blackfoot)

Running Rabbit & Calf Robe see Running Rabbit

Running Wolf (Blackfoot)

Running Wolf (Peigan) see Peigan D