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Western Canada

Index of Bands in Western Canada


Saddle Lake

Sahkeemay see Sakimay

Sahkemayo see Mosquito

Sakachewayas see Bloodvein

Sakamas see Sakimay

Sakamay see Sakimay

Sakemas see Sakimay

Sakemay see Sakimay

Sakemo see Sakimay


Sakoye Aotan, Heavy Shield see White Pup

Salmon River see Big Salmon


Sandy Bar see St. Peters

Sandy Bay

Sandy Lake

Sangwawakapow, James Sinclair see Jackhead


Sasewahum see Kinematoyo

Saswapaw see Okemasis

Saswapew see Okemasis

Saswapey see Okemasis

Saswaypew see Okemasis

Saswaypoo see Okemasis

Saswaysew see Okemasis

Saul Blondin see Fort Norman

Saulteaux (British Columbia)

Saulteaux (Saskatchewan)

Saulteaux, East Moberly Lake see Saulteaux (British Columbia)

Sawapee see Okemasis


Saysewahim see Kinematoyo

Saysewahum see Kinematoyo

Saysowakim, Pelican Lake see Kinematoyo

Sayswaypeo see Okemasis

Seapotakinum see Cree Chipewyan (Fort McMurray)

Seekahskootch see kaskootch


Seekaskootch see kaskootch

Seenum see James Seenum

Seekwahnis see Okemasis

Selkirk see Fort Selkirk

Shahwinabinais see Shoal Lake 39 or 40



Sharphead see Wesley

Shashagance see Shoal Lake 39 or 40

Shesheep see Sakimay

Sheshep see Sakimay

Shoal Lake

Shoal Lake & Red Earth see Pas Mountain

Shoal Lake 39

Shoal Lake 40

Shoal River

Short Bear see Long Plain

Shot Both Sides

Shot Him in the Back see Sweet Grass

Siccani (Fort Nelson)

Siccani (Prophet River)

Silver Creek see Gamblers

Simeon see Fort Good Hope

Simpson see Fort Simpson

Sioux Head see Moose Jaw

Sitting Eagle

Sitting on an Eagle Tail see Peigan A

Slave "D" see Hay River

Slave "E" see Fort Providence

Slave no. 1 see Fort Providence

Slave no. 2 see Fort Simpson

Slave no. 3 see Fort Wrigley

Slave no. 8 see Fort Liard

Slaveic Indians see Fort Simpson

Slaves Providence see Fort Providence

Smiths Landing see Chipewyan (Fitz/Smith)


Soosies see Alexis

Sotenah, Rainy Chief see Young Pine

Sousonce see Lake Manitoba

South Blackfoot Reserve see A, C, F, G, H, J, P, Q, T, Y Bands

South Quill see Rolling River

Sow Horn see Low Horn

Split Lake

St Albert Mission see Orphans of St Albert

St Albert Orphans see Orphans of St Albert

St Johns see Fort St John Beavers

St Peters

St Pierre see St Peters

Stamiscotocar, Bull Head see Sarcee

Stamix Osok, Bull Back Fat see Little Ears

Stamixo Takapiw, Bull Turn Round see Running Antelope

Standing Buffalo

Stanley see Amos Charles

Star Blanket

Stawinotokaw see Sarcee

Stewart River

Stokematis see Big Plume (Sarcee)

Stokimatis, The Drum see Painted Otter

Stolen Person

Stoney see Stony

Stony A see Bearspaw

Stony B see Wesley

Stony C see Chiniquay

Stony Lake see Kinematoyo

Stony, Mosquito see Mosquito

Stony Plain see Enoch

Stony Rapids

Stragglers, Treaty 4

Stragglers, Treaty 6


Stragglers see also Lac la Biche

Stragglers see Portage la Loche

Stragglers see Janvier

Stragglers, Athabaska Landing see Janvier

Stragglers, Bear's Hill

Stragglers, Beaver Hill

Stragglers, Fort McMurray see Portage la Loche

Stragglers, Fort McMurray see Janvier

Stragglers, from the South (Bear's Hills) see Stragglers, Bear's Hill

Stragglers, McMurray see Janvier

Stragglers, Waterways see Janvier

Stragglers, with Little Poplar

Stragglers, with Maymaynowahtow see Samson, Ermineskin or Louis Bull

Stragglers, with Poundmaker and Shot Him in the Back see Stragglers

Stragglers, with Tommy la Potack see Samson, Ermineskin or Louis Bull

Strangle Wolf see Strangling Wolf

Strangling Wolf

Strike Him on the Back see Sweet Grass (extant)

Striped Blanket see Red Ear

Striped Dog

Sturgeon Lake (Alberta)

Sturgeon Lake (Saskatchewan)

Sucker Creek

Sukeman see Mosquito


Swan Lake

Swan River

Sweet Grass (extant)

Sweet Grass (extinct)