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Western Canada

Index of Bands in Western Canada


Wabamum see Paul


Wabasca, Bigstone see Wabasca

Wabascaw see Wabasca

Wabiscaw see Wabasca

Wabiskaw see Wabasca

Wahbudiska see Oak River


Wahpeemakkwa see White Bear

Wahpeemakkwaw see White Bear

Wahpeemakwa see White Bear

Wahpeton see Wahpaton

Wahsahatanow see Wahsatenow


Wahspaton see Wabasca

Wakowush see Roseau River

Wapeemakkwa see White Bear

Wapeemakkwaw see White Bear

Wapeemukwa see White Bear

Wapiimoosetosus see Star Blanket

Water Hen

Waterhen Lake

Waterhen River see Water Hen

Watson Lake

Wawasecapow see Waywayseecappo

Waywasecapow see Waywayseecappo

Waywaysacapo see Waywayseecappo

Waywaysecapo see Waywayseecappo

Waywaysecappo see Waywayseecappo


Weasel Bull

Weasel Bull see Shot Both Sides

Weasel Calf

Weasel Fat

Weazel Calf see Weasel Calf

Weekaskookeesayyin, Sweet Grass see Sweet Grass

Weemisticooseeahwasis see Weemistikooseahwasis

Weemisticooseewasis see Weemistikooseahwasis

Weemisticoosiah see Weemistikooseahwasis


Wemisticoosewasis see Weemistikooseahwasis


West End Moberly Lake see Hudson's Hope

West Moberly Lake see Hudson's Hope

White Antelope see Young Pine

White Bear

White Calf

White Calf or Puascoos see Star Blanket

White Calf Robe

White Cap see Moose Woods

White Eagle

White Mud see Sandy Bay

White Pup

White Pup & Little Axe see White Pup

White Pup & Little Axe & Big Head see White Pup

White River see Stewart River

White Striped Dog see Striped Dog

White Whale Lake see Paul

Whitefish Lake

Whitefish Lake, Saskatchewan see Kinematoyo

Whitefish Lakes see James Seenum


Whitehorse Hootchi see Whitehorse

Whitehorse Tagish see Whitehorse

Wichawostaka, Poor Man see Poor Man

William Apisis see English River

William Charles see Montreal Lake

William Keche Kesik see Split Lake

William Twatt see Sturgeon Lake (William Twatt)

Witchekan see Witchekan Lake

Witchekan Lake

Wolf Bull see Running Crane

Wolf Collar

Wood Camps see Fort Selkirk

Wood Mountain see Moose Jaw

Wood or Stick see Fort Selkirk

Woodhouse see Fairford

Wrigley see Fort Wrigley