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By Year

The following is a list of the items contained in The Canadian West virtual exhibition sorted by year. Note that this is only a small sample of the holdings of the National Archives of Canada which pertain to western Canada.

1540-1799 - 1800-1839 - 1840-1866 - 1867-1879
- 1890-1899 - 1900-1909 - 1910-1919
1920-1929 - 1930-present


Western hemisphere [1540]
New France [1632]
North America [1743]
North America [1752]
Western Canada [1754]
North Pacific [1779]
Instructions for Messrs. McLeod and McGillis [1798]


Report on a journey to the Rocky Mountains [1801]
Chief Grandes Oreilles' speech [1814]
Excerpts from William B. Coltman's report [1818]
Chansons des Bois Brules [1818]
The Hudson's Bay Company and North West Company forts at Île-à-la-Crosse [1820]
Extremely wearisome journeys at the portages [1821]
Arrival at Norway House on the great Lake Winnipeg [1821]
Cold night camp on the inhospitable shores of Lake Winnipeg [1821]
Winter fishing on the ice of the Assiniboine and Red Rivers [1821]
Indian hunters pursuing buffalo in the early spring [1822]
Inside an Indian tent [1824]
Red River census [1834]


Cree or Assiniboine lodges in front of Rocky Mountain Fort, Alberta [1848]
Kee-akee-ka-saa-ka-kow [1848]
Indian tribes from North America [1857]
Report from Fort Francis [1857]
Slave Falls, Winnipeg River [1857]
Saulteaux Indians, Fort Garry [1857-58]
St. Boniface Cathedral, Red River Settlement [1858]
Members of the Assiniboine and Saskatchewan Exploring [1858]
Letitia, a Cree Halfbreed [original title] [1858]
Mr. McDermot's store, near Fort Garry [1858]
The prairie, on the banks of the Red River, looking south [1858]
The route connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans [1859]
Title page to Reports of Progress ... on the Assiniboine and Saskatchewan Exploring Expedition [1859]
The prairie looking west [1860]
Map to accompany the report of the Red River Expedition [1861]
Crossing the Assiniboine from the east side [1862]
Palliser's Map of North America [1865]


North West Territories, Proclamation [1869]
Surrender of Rupert's Land [1870]
Red River Expedition, Col. Wolseley's camp, Prince Arthur's Landing, Lake Superior [1870]
Proclamationn extending a pardon to the participants in the 1870 rebellion [1870]
Report on western Canada [1871]
Province of Manitoba [1871]
Deposition for rebellion losses [1871]
Indian Treaty Medal, Treaties 1 and 2 [1871]
Request for troops at Fort Garry treaty negotiations [1871]
Athabasca survey party near Jasper House, Alberta [1871]
Fort Carleton, Saskatchewan [1871]
Piegan Indians [1871]
Indian Treaty replacement medal [1872]
Sappers building a boundary mound [1872]
Dead Crow Indians [1872]
Pyramid and surrounding country showing Captain Featherstonhaugh's camp [1872]
Fort Garry [1872]
Métis traders with members of the North American Boundary Commission [1872]
Survey Camp [1873]
Indian Treaty Medal, Treaties 3 to 8 [1873-1900]
Stampede, Canadian Illustrated News [1874]
Roche Percée, Canadian Illustrated News [1874]
James Finlayson's diary of the March West [1874]
Dead Horse Valley, Canadian Illustrated News [1875]
The Red River Expedition at Kakabeka Falls, Ontario [1877]
Excerpts from the diary of railway surveyor Thomas R. B. Smith [1879]


Governor General's party crossing Lake of the Woods [1881]
Governor General's party interviewing a settler [1881]
Approach to Fort Ellice, Manitoba [1881]
Ugly customers at Smart's store, Battleford, Saskatchewan [1881]
Crowfoot addressing the Marquess of Lorne at Blackfoot Crossing, Bow River [1881]
Township plan [1881]
Senator Matthew Cochrane's letter to the Minister of the Interior [1881]
The Canadian Pacific Railway land grant in Manitoba and the North-West Territories [1882]
Plan of the Muskoday Indian Reserve, South Saskatchewan River [1884]
Qu'Appelle Indian Industrial School, Saskatchewan [1885]
Narcisse-Omer Côté and Roger Goulet, Commissioners, Northwest Métis Scrip Commission [1885]
Geological map of the Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan [1885]
Bishop's North-West war map [1885]
Thomas Bull's letter to his father [1885]
Battle of Fish Creek, North West Rebellion [1885]
Major-General Frederick Middleton's letter to Cree Chief Big Bear [1885]
Plan of the attack on Batoche by the North West Field Force under Major-General Frederick Middleton [1885 ]
Diary entry of Thomas Sallans [1885]
Asleep in the trenches: officers of the North-West Field Force resting in the [1885]
'A' Battery supporting the guns [1885]
Métis casualties at Batoche [1885]
Prisoner Louis Riel in the camp of Major-General Frederick Middleton [1885]
Chief Piapot and warriors on display [1885]
Participants in the North West Rebellion [1885]
Cree Chief Big Bear [1885]
Cree Chief Poundmaker [1885]
George Murdoch's diary [1885]
Canadian Pacific Railway map poster [1885]
Broadside concerning the Mennonite reserve in Manitoba [1885]
Telegram to Prime Minister John A. Macdonald announcing the "last spike" [1885]
Donald Smith drives the last spike at Craigellachie [1885]
Letter from Frank McCabe to the Minister of the Interior [1885]
North-West Mounted Police stations and patrols [1886]
Early settlers in Edmonton [1886]
Memorandum on the Canadian Pacific Railway from an Imperial perspective [1886]
Saulteaux Indians, Manitoba [1887]
Plan of the Hudson Bay Company's reserve in Winnipeg, Manitoba [1887]


Lees Dit! [Read This!] [1890]
Free farms for the million [1893]
Covered wagons from the United States in southern Alberta [1893]
Homesteading in Alberta, reminiscences of the Heathcote family [1894-1901]
The foothills region of southern Alberta [1896]
The Crow's Nest Pass agreement [1897]
Doukhobor women pulling a plough on the Thunder Hill Colony, Manitoba [1899]
Report of the British War Office on the Cypress Hills Massacre [18xx]


Doukhobor village of Vosnesenya, Thunder Hill Colony, Manitoba [1900]
A bird's-eye view of Winnipeg, Manitoba [1900]
A bird's-eye view of Winnipeg, Manitoba [1900]
Students of the St. Paul's Indian Industrial School, Middlechurch, Manitoba [1901]
Calves on the Cochrane ranch [1901]
Vegetable garden at agricultural research station near Brandon, Manitoba [1902]
Irrigated sugar beet field, Raymond, Alberta [1904]
Horse-drawn wagon [1905]
Tuxedo Park, Winnipeg, Manitoba [1905]
The provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan [1905]
Binders at work on the Lockwood farm north of Dauphin, Manitoba [1906]
Letter from the Commissioner of Immigration, Winnipeg, concerning photographs of the Lockwood farm north of Dauphin, Manitoba [1907]
Broadside concerning the Doukhobor reserve [1907 ]
Homesteaders seeking Doukhobor lands [1907]
Saskatoon, Sask., the city of unlimited possibilities [1907]
View of Delisle, Saskatchewan [1907]
Liberal party campaign pamphlet [1908]
Western Canada the new Eldorado [1908-1918]
Ogilvie flour mills and elevator, Winnipeg, Manitoba [1909]


Cutting and stooking on Fred Engen's farm, Saskatchewan [1910]
Vegetable display by J. Strasburger [1910]
Mr. Rodick's homesteads, Brandon Hills, Manitoba [1910]
The railway viaduct at Lethbridge, Alberta [1910]
Distribution of grain elevators in the Brandon area [1910]
Sheep on the western Prairies [1910]
Reminiscences of life on the prairies [1910-1914]
The Canadian immigration office in London, England [1911]
Arrival of Dutch immigrants in Quebec City [1911]
Arrival of Galician immigrants in Quebec City [1911]
Arrival of Russian Jewish immigrants in Quebec City [1911]
Fire insurance plan of Maple Creek, Saskatchewan [1911]
Canadian government exhibit, Oklahoma State Fair [1913]
Map of southern Alberta showing the disposition of homestead lands [1913]
Grace Reid's diary [1913]
View of Medicine, Alberta [1913]
Oil and gas fields south of Calgary, Alberta [1914]
Extract from Robert J. C. Stead's typescript for The Homesteader [1914-15]
The People's Forum program of speakers for the 1914-1915 season [1914-1915]
Songbook published by the Industrial Workers of the World [1917]
Pamphlet on immigration to Canada [1918]
Order-in-Council [1918]
Letter from Thomas Murray to Richard A. Riggs [1918]
Bill of Indictment against J.S. Woodsworth [1919]
Permission card used during the Winnipeg General Strike [1919]
J.S. Woodsworth's account of his incarceration [1919]
Workers' liberty bond issued by the Workers' Defence Fund [1919]
Street scene during the Winnipeg General Strike [1919]
Street scene during the Winnipeg General Strike [1919]
Poster addressed to British farm workers in Canada [1919]


McGill University announcement of lectures on immigration problems by J.S. Woodsworth [1920]
Build your nest in western Canada [1920s]
Dossier on the Klopot-Makarczuk's homestead [1920s]
Dossier on Stefan Waskiewicz's homestead [1920s]
Dossier on Michal Brancke's homestead [1920s]
Dossier on Michal Zatyczyo's homestead [1920s]
Advertisement (in Ukrainian) for the Lewchuk vaudeville show [1920s]
Advertisement for the Lewchuk vaudeville show [1920s]
Page from Olha Woycenko's lesson book [1920s]
Railway yards in Winnipeg [1920s]
Grey Owl meets part of tourists at Beaver Lodge, Ajawaan Lake, Prince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan [1920s]
Hunting party, Jasper Lake, Alberta [1920s]
Tar sands in Alberta [1920s]
Publication design for tourism [1921-1931]
Cummins map directory for Saskatchewan, sheet no. 81 (Maple Creek) [1922]
Early road map of Alberta [1922]
Front cover of Canada West [1923]
Agricultural research station at Indian Head, Saskatchewan [1923]
Ukrainian orchestra and drama club, Edmonton [1924]
Poster advertising holidays in western Canada [1925]
Agreement to transfer natural resource administration to Alberta [1926]
Motor roads in western Canada [1928]
The Narrows, Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park, Alberta [1929]
Banff from Tunnel Mountain, Banff National Park, Alberta [1929]


Field of stooked wheat beside six grain elevators, Champion, Alberta [1930]
Grain elevator at La Salle, Manitoba [1931]
Fall, Assiniboine River [1931]
Highways map of the prairie provinces [1931]
Clear Lake, Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba [1931]
Headingley, Manitoba [1933]
Poster advertising the Canadian Rockies [1940]
Fire restrictions [19xx]



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