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  • Library and Archives Canada ceasing use of MARC field 440 Series Statement/Added Entry
    Effective December 1, 2008, Library and Archives Canada (LAC) will use MARC field 490 for recording all series statements in newly created records and, if applicable, 8XX fields for series added entries. Library and Archives Canada will cease creating field 440 which was made obsolete by the MARC community in June 2008. Field 440 will exist in records created prior to December 1, 2008 as LAC will not be changing field 440 to field 490. The Canadian Union Catalogue will continue to accept and load records with field 440.
  • CONSER standard record practice - LAC implementation [PDF 31 KB] [RTF 445 KB]
  • Metadata Framework for Resource Discovery [PDF 74 KB]
  • Yukon Territory name change to Yukon [PDF 105 KB] [RTF 439 KB]
  • LAC Decision on Series Authority Records
    Although LAC supports the goal of more cost-effective cataloguing and is undertaking its own review of policies, LAC has decided not to follow LC's recent decision to cease the creation of series authority records. The results of a costing analysis and consultation with the Canadian library community and with the public service areas of LAC indicate that the benefits of controlled series access points and authorities outweigh the cost of their creation.
  • Change in DDC segmentation policy on full DDC numbers [PDF 70 KB] [RTF 448 KB]
  • Library and Archives Canada's implementation of the 13-digit ISBN [PDF 32 KB] [RTF 450 KB] (revised May 22, 2007)
  • Implementation of new MARC 21 data elements
  • Archived News and Announcements - pre 2005