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CIP Application Form for Government Publishers

Before filling out this form please ensure that your publication qualifies for CIP treatment.

First time applicants are encouraged to read the Explanatory Notes at the bottom of this form.

Please allow 10 working days for completion of CIP book entries.

* Indicates Mandatory Field

To be eligible for CIP, a publication must have a print run of more than 100 copies.
Will more than 100 copies of the publication be published? *


Contact Information

1. Publisher
2. Contact person for this application
3. Contact person to whom the CIP entry should be sent
(if different from above)

The Publication

4. Planned date of publication (if known)
5. Format(s) and language(s) of publication

Please provide ISBN(s) or Govt. of Canada catalogue numbers (federal publications only) if already assigned to this publication.

Format 1

Format 2

Format 3

Format 4
6. Please indicate if this publication is priced or free *
7. Complete transcription of all information as it will
appear on the title page(s)

If bilingual please provide information for both the English and French titles. If only one title is available please provide information for the single title. Note: If title page has been finalized please submit as an attachment.


8. Full name, date of birth and nationality of author(s),
editor(s), translator(s), etc.

Information should be in the form: name, date of birth, nationality. Eg. Smith, Jane, 1960-04-21, Canadian; Smith, John, 1965-11-20, American

9. Has this title been published before in a different edition or version?
Is this edition a reprint of an unchanged text?  

Is this edition a reprint of an unchanged text?  
10. Is this publication being issued as part of a series?

11. Is this title part of a multi-volume work?
12. Does the publication contain the proceedings of a conference,
workshop, symposium, etc.?

13. Does the publication contain...
A bibliography or bibliographical references? 
An index? 
14. What is the publication about?

Explanatory Notes

The publisher

For sending information to publishers and for contacting them to ensure the accuracy of the CIP record, the CIP office needs to know where and by whom the work is being published. In the case of a government document, the author department acts as publisher.

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Federal ISBN and Government of Canada numbers

Information about ISBNs for federal government publications and Government of Canada catalogue numbers can be found at

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Author(s), editor(s), illustrator(s), translator(s) names and functions as they will appear on the title page

List all the persons, specifying their roles and functions (e.g.,edited by, compiled by, under the direction of, translated by, illustrated by), the exact spelling and form of their names as they will appear on the title page (e.g., Bill McKerrow, W.R. McKerrow, William R. McKerrow, William Russell McKerrow) and the order in which the names will appear on the title page.

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Publisher's imprint

The imprint given in a catalogue record includes the place of publication, the name of the publisher as it appears on the title page, and the date of publication. Sometimes publishers use different imprints for different types of books or for different series aimed at specific age groups or grades. Therefore, the specific imprint that will appear on the title page is necessary for the completion of the catalogue record. Also, the CIP office will need to know if an acronym or the full form of the publisher's name will appear, or if both the English form and the French form (or any other form) of the name will appear on the title page.

Please note that for self-published works the imprint can be the author's name or the statement "published by the author". For government documents, the imprint will include the name of the branch, service or department that appears on the title page, as, for example, "Health Services Directorate, Health and Welfare Canada".

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Birth dates

Information about year of birth is essential in many cases to distinguish between authors bearing the same name or similar names. Note: Always make sure that the author consents to this information appearing in the CIP data.

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What is this publication about?

The CIP record includes subject access points, the subject headings, that describe the contents of the work. Therefore, details of the book's subject matter are required in order to assign subject headings. This is especially important if the book deals with a medical, legal, scientific, technical, or other such highly specialized subject. Please provide major characteristics of the subject, such as its scope, topics, themes, audiences, works discussed, dates and time periods, places, historical characters, ethnic groups, etc. To ensure that the assigned subject headings are as accurate as possible, it is essential that a copy of the introduction and table of contents be included with your CIP request.

Note: In the case of an exhibition catalogue, details should include the ownership of the works exhibited, the galleries or museums to which the exhibition will travel, and the authorship of the text. Information about the artist and his/her work is also essential.

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