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The New Books Service is an enhancement to the Cataloguing in Publication (CIP) program that assists publishers in promoting their latest titles, and helps readers to discover them. To participate you must have already applied for CIP. Then fill in the contact information, title of the publication and ISBN below. We will create a record of each of your new releases featuring the graphics and promotional text you provide, along with the traditional authoritative Cataloguing in Publication data prepared by our experts. For more information about the Service, please refer to the notes at the end of the form.

Please enter URL addresses of all attachments submitted with this application. (Please note: if you have attached files for the table of contents and introductory text in section 20 of the CIP form, please re-attach them below if you wish to have them included in your New Books record.)

Images to be saved in JPG or GIF format. All other material to be saved in JPG, GIF or PDF format.

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Please note: If you have attached files in the New Books Service section above, you must complete the permission section below to proceed.

Permission is hereby irrevocably granted to Her Majesty in right of Canada, her servants and agents to use, reproduce, adapt, communicate to the public by telecommunications or distribute online on the Internet, and, to perform any other act that Her Majesty may deem necessary with the above information, works and trademarks about the new publication, submitted as attachments to this electronic form. This permission is granted solely for the purposes of Library and Archives of Canada's "New Books Service" to which the Publisher wishes and agrees to participate.

The Publisher warrants that it owns the intellectual property rights or has obtained all necessary consents from the intellectual property rights holders to authorize the above permission and that it has the power to enter into this Agreement.

The Publisher accepts and agrees that Her Majesty shall not be liable for any unauthorized, inappropriate or improper use of the Licensed Material, downloaded from Her Majesty's websites by third parties.

The Publisher shall indemnify and save harmless Her Majesty, the Librarian and Archivist of Canada, her servants and agents from and against any damages, costs or expenses or any claim, action, suit, or other proceedings which they or any of them may at any time incur or suffer as a result of or arising out of any breach of any the Publisher's representations, warranties and obligations contained in this Agreement.

*Permission is hereby granted to Library and Archives Canada to distribute the above information about this publication by

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Explanatory Notes

New Books at Library and Archives Canada

The New Books Service is an electronic showcase for new Canadian publications featuring forthcoming print and electronic releases from Canadian publishers, on Library and Archives Canada's website. The service has tremendous benefits for Canadian publishers, booksellers, readers and libraries.

The New Books Service is an enhancement to the Cataloguing in Publication (CIP) program that assists publishers to promote their latest titles, and helps readers to discover them. To participate in the New Books Service, you can submit files for any or all of: cover art, table of contents, sample text, information about the author and illustrator, reviews, and details on awards and author readings.

Please attach your files in formats that follow these specifications:

  • Image: JPG or GIF
  • Text: JPG, GIF or PDF
  • Sound: RealAudio and MP3
  • 72 pixels/inch resolution
  • 648 pixels on the longest side (9 inches at 72 dpi)
  • colour mode, 8 bits/channel
  • PC or Macintosh format
  • Image should be full front view of cover, no border
  • File size should be less than 200KB

The browse function within the form allows you to easily select files from your own computer and attach them to the form to send them to us electronically.

Note: Publishers must complete the Permission section of the online form, indicating that they either own the intellectual property rights or have obtained all necessary consents from the intellectual property rights holders for the material submitted to the New Books service.

Through the new interactive process for the Cataloguing in Publication programme, authenticated bibliographic data will be returned via the Internet to publishers for inclusion in their publications, along with the confirmation that we have received your permission to use the New Books material.

Once we receive your files, we will create a New Books record for each title that will include authoritative Cataloguing in Publication data along with the text and graphics you provide. Our powerful, user-friendly search provides basic and advanced search options so that readers can find favourite authors easily, or search by title, subject, keyword, publisher name or Amicus number.

“New This Month” is a special feature of our New Books collection that highlights the most recent additions to the service. In this section, you can browse by subject to find new books of interest, using the familiar Dewey Decimal Classification Schedule.