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Educational Resources

Building a Nation: How Did Canada Start?

Student Handout 1

Research Team I

  • When did the Dominion of Canada come into being?
  • Which colonies joined the federation? How were they reorganized in 1867?
  • What is the difference between a province and a territory?
  • When and how have new provinces or territories been created?
  • Which ones joined Confederation as full partners?

Research Team II

  • Why was this new country Canada formed?
  • Do you think these same reasons exist for today's Canada?
  • Are there new reasons for the existence of the country called Canada today?

Research Team III

  • Where and when did the three important meetings (Conferences) leading to the creation of Canada take place?
  • Why is the term "Fathers of Confederation" confusing? Who did these men represent?
  • Who was not (directly) represented at the Conferences in 1864-1866 (and later)? Why were they excluded?
  • Which groups do you think should be represented at a meeting to discuss today's Canada?

Research Team IV

  • What assets (strengths) did each of the new groups/regions bring to the newly formed country?
  • Are these the same strengths that are valued/important in today's Canada?

Research Team V

  • What document was produced by the delegates at the three Conferences?
  • What were the major points of this constitutional legislation?
  • Is this document still in use in today's Canada?
  • What types of documents were used to define the boundaries and status of new provinces (Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan) or when other colonies joined Confederation?

Research Team VI

  • Can you locate maps to show the territory of Canada from 1886 to the present?
  • What are the major differences between Canada's provincial and national borders in 1867, 1870, 1882, 1898, 1905, 1912, 1927, 1949 and today?

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