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Title year:1919
Also known as:L'INSTINCT QUI VEILLE (France)
Unused title(s):The Pulse Of The Earth (working title)
Our Lady Of The Big Snows (working title)
Original dialogue(s):(Silent)
Intertitle language:English
Running time:72 min 29 sec
Description:The film tells the tale of a ferocious great Dane named Wapi who gets a chance to repay the only kindness he has ever known. In the Canadian 'northwoods' Dolores LeBeau (Nell Shipman) meets and later marries Peter (Wheeler Oakman), a government inspector and writer. Peter and Dolores board a trading ship and travel to the Arctic. The captain turns out to be Rydal (Wellington Playter), the man who killed her father. Rydal arranges for Peter to be seriously injured. At a remote Arctic trading post Dolores obtains help and in the process befriends Wapi. With dogs and a sledge, Dolores and Peter leave for the Royal Northwest Mounted Police post at Fort Confidence some 200 miles distant but Rydal follows them. Wapi, who has followed her, goes back to stop Rydal by savaging his dog team. Peter and Dolores are able to reach Fort Confidence and safety.

Credited as:
Director(s):David M. Hartford
Bert Van TuyleNot credited
Screen writer(s):Nell Shipman
James Oliver Curwood
Credited as: Source material:
Writing source:James Oliver CurwoodWapi, the Walrus

Credited as: Character name:
Actor(s):Nell ShipmanDolores LeBeau
Charles ArlingSealskin Blake
Wheeler OakmanPeter Burke
Wellington PlayterPlaterRydal
Roy LaidlawNot creditedBaptiste LeBeau
Charles MurphyRydal's sidekick
William G. Colvinfirst Mountie

Executive producers(s):Ernest Shipman

Credited as:
Editor(s):Cyril Gardner
Musician(s):Paul M. Sarazan
Photography:Joseph B. Walker J. M. Walker
Dal Clawson

Support:35mm bw
Aspect ratio:1.33:1/4:3 (Full Frame)

Release:U.S.September 29, 1919
Toronto (Strand)October 27, 1919

Location(s):Lesser Slave Lake
Calgary (Alta.)
Kern River
SanFrancisco (Calif.)
Studio:Brunton Studios (Hollywood)
Laboratory:Bloom Laboratories (LosAngeles)

Distribution area:CanadaRegal Films (for First National)
QuebecRegal Films (for First National)
USFirst National

CFFD Reference No.: 1
Mikan No.:2894160
Misacs No.: