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Title year:1961
Also known as:THE KINSEY REPORT (U.K)
Original dialogue(s):English
Running time:114 min sec
Premiere date:Los Angeles (Four Star Theatre) August 23, 1961

Credited as:
Director(s):Arch Oboler
Screen writer(s):Arch Oboler
Credited as: Source material:
Writing source:Arch Obolerplay "Mrs. Kingsley's Report"

Credited as: Character name:
Actor(s):Leo G. CarrollProfessor Logan ("Lecture Hall" episode)
Arch McDonell("Lecture Hall" episode)
Herman Ettlinger("Lecture Hall" episode)
Margot Christie("Lecture Hall" episode)
Norman Welsh("Lecture Hall" episode)
Daryl Masters("Lecture Hall" episode)
Eleanor Beecroft("Lecture Hall" episode)
Hilda BraunerClare Hollister ("Honeymoon" episode)
William TraylorHollister ("Honeymoon" episode)
Madeleine ChristieGirl ("Honeymoon" episode)
Kate ReidJulia Bradley ("Homecoming" episode)
Ernest GravesJohn Bradley ("Homecoming" episode)
Richard JanaverCarlton ("Homecoming" episode)
Garrick Hagon ("Homecoming" episode)
Toby Tarnow ("Homecoming" episode)
Michael Stewart ("Homecoming" episode)
Sharon Acker ("Homecoming" episode)
Robert Christie ("Homecoming" episode)
Alfie Scopp as Alfred Scopp ("Homecoming" episode)
June DuprezMargaret Gaylord ("The Divorce" episode)
Austin WillisSam Tooray ("The Divorce" episode)
Douglas Rain("The Divorce" episode)
Peggi Loder("The Divorce" episode)
Truman SmithMr. Kingsley ("Average Man" episode)
Jane RoseMrs. Kingsley ("Average Man" episode)
Winifred DennisGertrude ("Average Man" episode)
Virginia MacleodMiss Pom ("Average Man" episode)
Leslie Yeo("Average Man" episode)
Rita GardnerPeggy Cannon ("Baby" episode)
Jack BettsBill Cannon ("Baby" episode)
Alice Hillthe nurse ("Baby" episode)
Barbara Hamilton("Baby" episode)
Sydney Brown("Baby" episode)
Susan Fletcher("Baby" episode)
Frances Tobias("Baby" episode)
Ruth Springford("Baby" episode)
Judith Orban("Baby" episode)
Bena Schuster("Baby" episode)
William Fergusson("Baby" episode)
Cal Whitehead("Baby" episode)
Sammy Sales("Baby" episode)

Credited as:
Producer(s):Arch Oboler
Associate producers(s):Susanne Warner

Credited as:
Editor(s):Chester W. Schaeffer
David Nicholson
Musician(s):John Hubert Bath
Photography:George Jacobson
Location sound mixer(s):Frank Orban
Abe Dicesare

Support:35mm bw

Festival(s):StratfordAugust 25, 1961

Location(s):Toronto (Ont.)
Studio:Kleinberg (Ont.)
Laboratory:Pathé-DeLuxe of Canada Ltd. (Toronto)

Distribution area:USSelected Pictures

CFFD Reference No.: 139