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Title year:1988
Also known as:LE RANCH (French Title)
Original dialogue(s):English

Credited as:
Director(s):Stella Stevens
Screen writer(s):Neil Gordon
Madeline Hombert

Credited as: Character name:
Actor(s):Andrew Stevens
Gary Fjellgaard
Lou Ann Schmidt
Elizabeth Keefe
Bruce McInnes
Marlene Fedorak
Jeff McGrail

Credited as:
Producer(s):Madelin Homebert
Executive producers(s):Madeline Homebert
Scott Jones

Credited as:
Editor(s):Richard Benwick
Musician(s):Luciano Giacchetta
Photography:Don Wilder

Financial %:
Co-finance:Country production

Location(s):Calgary, Bragg Creek (AB)
Laboratory:Film House

CFFD Reference No.: 1861