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Title year:1992
Original dialogue(s):English
Running time:90 min 34 sec
Description:Moby Dick readings with a woman's voice

Credited as:
Director(s):Cynthia Roberts
Screen writer(s):Namir Khan
Cynthia Roberts

Credited as: Character name:
Actor(s):Andrew Scorer
Ed Fielding
Kirsten Johnson
Harald Bachmann
Michael Gottli
Namir Khan
Valerie Buhagiar
Wayne Snell
Leanne Haze
Cynthia Beattie
Zara Ackerman
Brandon Ackerman

Credited as:
Producer(s):Cynthia Roberts
Executive producers(s):Greg Klymkiw

Credited as:
Editor(s):Cynthia Roberts
Musician(s):Nicholas Stirling
Photography:Harald Bachmann
Location sound mixer(s):Gary Blakely
Stevi Urben

Support:16mm BW

Festival(s):Montréal (Parisien 5) 09h00September 02, 1993
Release:Toronto (John Spotton Theatre; National Film Board)November 12, 1993

Location(s):Toronto (ON)
Laboratory:Film House

CFFD Reference No.: 2308