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Title year:1996
Also known as: LE JARDIN SUSPENDU (French dub)
Original dialogue(s):English
Version(s):French dub
Running time:90 min 44 sec
Description:Sweet William is a slim trim 25-year-old gay man who returns home after a bitter absence of ten years to celebrate his sister=s wedding in the family garden. Everything is pretty much as he left it. His drunken and abusive father Mac is still tending the flower garden and not his family, while his mother Iris suffers in guilt-ridden silence. His grandmother Grace is even more senile and obsessively religious, the dog is blind and his chain-smoking, foul mouthed sister Rosemary is as warm and boisterous as ever. Nothing has changed, except for Sweet William.

Credited as:
Director(s):Thom Fitzgerald
Screen writer(s):Thom Fitzgerald

Credited as: Character name:
Actor(s):Chris Leavins
Troy Veinotte
Kerry Fox
Sarah Polley
Seana McKenna
Peter MacNeill
Joan Orenstein
Christine Dunsworth
Joel S. Keller
Jocelyn Cunningham
Martha Irving
Heather Rankin
Ashley MacIsaac

Credited as:
Producer(s):Louise Garfield
Arnie Gelbart
Thom Fitzgerald
Associate producers(s):Mark Hammond

Credited as:
Editor(s):Susan Shanks
Musician(s):John Roby
Photography:Daniel Jobin
Location sound mixer(s):Georges Hannan

Support:S16mm Col Kodak finished format 35mm

Release:15 citiesNovember 07, 1997
Montréal (Parisien)January 30, 1998

Location(s):Halifax (NS)
Laboratory:National Film Board/Office National du Film
Sonolab Inc.

Distribution area:CanadaCn Cineplex Odeon Films Canada

CFFD Reference No.: 2780