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Title year:2003
Original dialogue(s):French
Running time:102 min sec
Description:Eleven-year-old Daniel has been struggling with feelings of abandonment since his mother recently passed away and his father, Mark, has little time to devote to his son. With the help of his friends Colin and William, Daniel trains a dog for the next Superdogs competition. The competition will not be easy to win however: one of his competitors is a girl named April, whose mother owns the best kennel in town. Danny's enthusiasm and good humour is eventually rekindled and he is able to win April's friendship and resolve the difficulties in his relationship with his father.

Credited as:
Director(s):André Melançon
Screen writer(s):Pierre Billon
Richard Schlesinger

Credited as: Character name:
Actor(s):Matthew Harbour
Annie Bovaird
Macha Grenon
Patrick Goyette
Claire Bloom
Laurent-Christophe de Ruelle
William Phan
Myriam de Verger
Andrée Lachapelle
Gilles Pelletier
Annie Chaplin
Jan RubesJan Rubeš

Credited as:
Producer(s):Rock Demers
Chantal Lafleur
Co-producers(s):Chris Curling
Phil Robertson
Executive producers(s):Rock Demers

Credited as:
Editor(s):Matthieu Roy-Décarie
Musician(s):James Brett
Photography:Jean Lépine

Support:35mm Col

Festival(s):Rouyn-Noranda (Théâtre du Cuivre: Festival du Cinema International en Abitibi-Témiscaminque)September 30, 2004
Release:unknown/inconnuFebruary 28, 2005

Financial %:
Co-finance:Country production

Location(s):Montréal and area (QC)

Distribution area:QuebecQc Christal Films Distribution Inc.

CFFD Reference No.: 3759