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Title year:2003
Original dialogue(s):French
Version(s):French and English w EST
Running time:97 min sec
Description:Between the 1930s and 1960s, Montreal was a jazz capital, a choice stop for musicians. Jacques Paradise, a pianist from the popular Saint-Henri district, tries to break into the club scene. Through sheer talent, he gains acceptance and becomes jazz royalty under his stage name, Jack Paradise.

Credited as:
Director(s):Gilles NoëlGilles Noel
Screen writer(s):Gilles NoëlGilles Noel

Credited as: Character name:
Actor(s):Roy Dupuis
Dawn Tyler Watson
Geneviève Rioux
Gregory Hlady
Marie-France Lambert
Gardy Fury
Warren Slim Williams
Tyrone Benskin
Hugo St-Cyr
Marc Beaupré
Dorothée Berryman
Johanne-Marie Tremblay
Benoît Dagenais
Roxan Bourdelais
Patricia McKenzie
Sharlene Royer
Maud Beauchemin
Justin Jackson
Alexandrine Agostini
Claire Jacques
Daniel Rousse
Stéphane Crête
Andreya Sullivan
Olehede Burke
Marie-Young Godbout Turgeon
Jayne Heitmeyer
Normand Helms
Larry Day
Michel Donato
Khalid Birch
Giorgio Uehlinger
Michelle Sweeney
Samuel Vero
Nathan La Ferrière
Nathan Campbell
Éric Bélanger
Denis Gosselin
Catherine Bernaquez
Marc Gourdeau
Adrien Lacroix
Marc Nadeau
Richard Langlois
Lino Zolfo
Michel Chicoine
Claude Dupuis
Sylivio Archambault
Philippe Charbonneau
Simon Campbell
Tony Russito
Ronald Houle
Roland Boisvert
Jacynthe Denis
Wray Downes
Dabvid Bellemare
Errol Walters
Wali Muhammad
Wayne Stoute
Glenn Bradley
Tony Romandini
Michel Sauro
Robert Desjardins
Gilles Pinet
Renan St-Juste
Julie Slater

Credited as:
Producer(s):Anouk Brault
Aimée Danis
Danièle Bossy
Associate producers(s):Louis Dussault

Credited as:
Editor(s):Guillaume Millet
Musician(s):James Gelfand
Photography:Sylvain Brault

Support:S16mm Col Kodak finished format 35mm

Festival(s):Montréal (Quartier Latin)February 16, 2004
Release:au Québec WIDE, 31screensFebruary 20, 2004

Location(s):Montréal (QC)
Laboratory:Technicolor Creative Services Canada Inc.

Distribution area:QuebecQc K-Films Amérique Inc./9012-6640 Québec Inc.

CFFD Reference No.: 3813