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Title year:2004
Also known as: Coldwater (working title)
Original dialogue(s):English
Running time:89 min 24 sec
Copyright:2005 Coldwater Productions Inc.|(Coldwater Productions Inc. NOT ON PRINT, ONLY (c) 2005)
Description:Sabah, a 40-year-old Arab woman from Syria, meets a man about her own age while swimming. He is a divorcee from Sudbury. She's a good Muslim but breaks the rules occasionally. Sabah starts to see him despite her very controlling family and falls in love with him. After she spends the night with him her brother disowns her. But the rest of the family likes the man, particularly her mother, and the brother turns out to be less of a dinosaur than he at first seems.

Credited as:
Director(s):Ruba Nadda
Screen writer(s):Ruba Nadda

Credited as: Character name:
Actor(s):Arsinée KhanjianSabah
Shawn DoyleStephen
Jeff SeymourMajid
Setta KeshishianUm Mouhammed
Roula SaidShaheera
Kathryn WinslowAmal
David AlpayMustafa
Fadia NaddaSouhaire
Aaron Abramsparamedic
Mary Lou Fallisopera singer
Kaylen Christensengirlfriend

Credited as:
Producer(s):Tracey Boulton
Co-producers(s):Paul Scherzer
Executive producers(s):Atom Egoyan
Simone Urdl

Credited as:
Editor(s):Teresa Hannigan
Musician(s):Geoff Bennett
Longo Hai
Ben Johannesen
Photography:Luc Montpellier

Support:S16mm Col Kodak (35mm)
Aspect ratio:1.85:1

Festival(s):RotterdamJanuary 31, 2005
Release:Toronto (Cumberland);May 27, 2005
Scarborough (Eglinton Town Centre)May 27, 2005
Mississauga (Square One Cinema)May 27, 2005
North York (Sheppard Grande)May 27, 2005
Vancouver (Cinemark Tinseltown 12)May 27, 2005

Location(s):Toronto (ON)
Laboratory:The Lab in Toronto Inc.

Distribution area:CanadaCn Mongrel Media Inc.
QuebecQc Atopia Distribution Inc.

CFFD Reference No.: 3945