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Title year:1972
Original dialogue(s):French
Running time:97 min 1 sec
Premiere date:Montréal (Saint-Denis) February 01, 1973
Description:This film captures the brutal behaviour of the inhabitants of a small town in the Beauce region towards a family of outcasts who they hound relentlessly because, in their eyes, the family represent all that is evil. After all, the mother and daughter are trade workers. And the son, Taureau, an incredibly strong but simple-minded young man, has been flirting with the local schoolteacher. To preserve their honour, they must take action, as quickly as possible. This film shows how the simple and generous folk of Beauce can become tough and uncompromising when they are faced with a situation that rubs them the wrong way.

Credited as:
Director(s):Clément Perron
Screen writer(s):Clément Perron

Credited as: Character name:
Actor(s):Monique Lepagela Gilbert
André MelançonTaureau
Michèle MagnyDenise Beaudoin
Béatrice PicardMme Larivée
Marcel SabourinSerge Beaudoin
Yvon ThiboutotDenis Corriveau
Amulette GarneauMme Beaudoin
Louise PortalGigi Gilbert
André CartierNiaiseux
Yvan CanuelHenri Larivée
Jacques BilodeauTi-Beu
Marguerite LemirDoris Larivée
Denis Drouinle propriétaire de l'hôtel
Anne Létourneaula Belette
Marthe Mercurela Noire
Edgar Fruitierle curé
Bondfield Marcouxle meneur de la bande
Pat GagnonJoseph
Michael Rotheryun client de la Gilbert
Roger Gosselinun client
Germain DeBloisun client
Benoît Thibaultle policier

Credited as:
Producer(s):Marc Beaudet

Credited as:
Editor(s):Pierre Lemelin
Musician(s):Jean Cousineau
Photography:Georges Dufaux
Location sound mixer(s):Joseph Champagne

Support:35mm coul (Kodak 5254)

Release:Montréal (Saint-Denis)February 02, 1973
Toronto (Cinecity) avec sous-titres anglaisApril 13, 1973

Location(s):Notre-Dame-des-Pins (Beauce) (Qué.)
Laboratory:Office National du Film (Montréal)

Distribution area:CanadaOffice National du Film
QuebecFrance Film

CFFD Reference No.: 404