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Title year:1978
Unused title(s):Fast Company (Working Title)
Original dialogue(s):English
Running time:76 min 2 sec
Premiere date:Ottawa (Public Archives: National Film Theatre) May 23, 1980

Credited as:
Director(s):Peter Wronski
Screen writer(s):Paul Eichgrun

Credited as: Character name:
Actor(s):Rolf KempfBilly
Clay BorrisRay
Eli EllonPsycho
Gene David PaulssonGene DavisDick
Liesje WagnerDallas
Sandra ScovilleRuth
Peter BaileyBobsey twin
Vince GuerrieroBobsey twin
Perry Thompsonlawyer
Gene Merkleymanager
Wayne St. JohnTurk
Jackie Bouchardstern teller
Linda Laughlinyoung teller
Janus Raudkiviprison guard
Mack Dolgybartender
Dave Robertskid in jail
Billy Heintzbouncer
Harry Van Dorengambler
Jack Sandberggambler
Maggie Greengambler

Credited as:
Producer(s):Peter Wronski
Paul Eichgrun
Steven Klys

Credited as:
Editor(s):Robert Schroeder
Musician(s):Robert Schroeder
Photography:Joseph L. Sutherland
Location sound mixer(s):John Gundy

Support:16mm col (Kodak 7242)

Location(s):Toronto (Ont.)
Laboratory:The Film Lab (Toronto)

CFFD Reference No.: 757