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Database Context:

  • a 'Canadian' film is any film in which a production company incorporated in Canada is involved
  • official and unofficial co-productions with other countries have been included
  • a 'feature' film is as any audio-visual document available on a film or magnetic support, irrespective of content, running more than 60 minutes
  • exceptions include; some silent films whose true original running time is impossible to determine, a few theatrical features made between 1933 and 1937, and René Bail's seminal work of 1959, Les Désoeuvrés

(Note: foreign capital investments, and or percentage of Canadian participation are not factored into the definition of a Canadian film)

Objectives of the Database:

  • to have as complete and accurate list of films as possible
  • to find as many unknown films as possible
  • to correct errors in the current records

(Note: the establishment of exhaustive credits on each film is a future goal)

Historical Note:

  • production information on new films was added steadily to the original 500 records since 1975
  • newspapers, Canadian and American trade periodicals, as well as, interviews with pioneers and their relatives added to the production information
  • changes, and or updates to the shooting dates, the laboratory processing and the negative, and titles have been made on a continuing basis over the years