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Canadian Illustrated News:
Images in the news: 1869-1883

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October 30, 1869
Vol. I, No. 1

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The Empress Eugenie's Visit To Corsica

We copy from some of the French journals three illustrations of the incidents associated with the recent visit of the Empress Eugenie and the Prince Imperial to Corsica. This excursion was undertaken on the 23rd August, when the Imperial party reached Fontainebleau from Paris. On the following day they proceeded by railway to Lyons, where they were greeted with a most enthusiastic reception. There the Empress visited "L'Asile Sainte Eugénie," an institution founded by herself. Her Majesty also visited the Chamber of Commerce and was much interested in the various processes of Silk manufacture which were exhibited and explained by the President of the Chamber. The Prince Imperial, more

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interested in military affairs than in the fabrication of silks, betook himself to the Grand Camp to witness the review.

At Toulon, the reception was quite as enthusiastic as it had been at Lyons. On the 26th August, the Empress' yacht L'Aigle entered the harbour of Bastia, and Her Majesty was received with due formality by M. Gery, the prefect of Corsica, the Civic and Military authorities, &c. Here, under direction of an interprising [sic] youth, the son of Dr. Conneau, had been organized a large body of juvenile Volunteers to act as a guard of honour to the Prince.

This feature of the reception at Bastia excited great interest. The Empress remained but a short time, when she again put to sea in L'Aigle, and arrived at Ajaccio the following morning about nine o'clock. Ajaccio, as the birth-place of the first Napoleon, must doubtless have excited peculiar emotions in the heart of the Empress; and that she appreciated the significance of her presence there was made apparent, by her placing a bust of the Prince Imperial in the house, and it is believed, in the very room, in which the first Napoleon was born, on the 15th August 1769. She kept her intention in this respect a profound secret, having brought the bust concealed in the folds of her dress. When at the house she expressed a wish to visit the chamber alone; and on her returning the bust was discovered on the mantel-piece between the portraits of the father and mother of Napoleon. The Corsicans exhibited the greatest enthusiasm in paying honours both to the Empress and the Prince Imperial.